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Old outstanding Tax Returns

I've just taken on a new client who has got way behind with his Tax Returns. For a couple of the earlier years, I have the following questions:

For 2005/2006 a determination was raised by HMRC for £1800. The Tax Return hasn't been submitted and it is now too late to have the determination adjusted.

For 2006/2007 an amount is on the account of £1800 which is the payments on account based on the previous year's determined figure.

My question is, if I submit a Tax Return for 2006/2007, even though it is out of time, will the Return amounts replace the payments on account?

Many thanks.


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No but

it may be wiorth trying to claim Special Relief

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I am afraid that HMRC won't even look at the info on the 2007 return.

As mentioned above your best course of action is submitting the return with a letter claiming Special Relief.

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