Peter Bonetti
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One for the Dragon maybe

One for the Dragon maybe

Hello Welsh Dragon,

Not sure if you read the CEO's diary on here but he is in an interesting situation with regard to a failed bid to win a contract and some info0rmation he has discovered regarding the successful bidder. The relevant entry is on November 24th.

As you are a barrister I believe you may have some pertinent comments to make which would be of interest (if it is your area).


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26th Nov 2009 14:32


Not my area of speciality - for my sins I concentrate on criminal work. However, have posted my observations.


Peter Bonetti ?  Didnt you used to keep goal for Chelsea?

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26th Nov 2009 15:22

Yes but I retrained

Too much flak for Mexico in 1970.

Than again I may be one of those cowardly anonymous-by-another-means types.

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26th Nov 2009 16:05


From what I remember of Chelsea in those days you needed to re train.  It must have got boring picking the ball out of the net so often ?

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By Anonymous
26th Nov 2009 16:40

retrained but not forgiven

.....for that moment of madness when "the cat" arched his body towards Beckenbauers weak and speculative punt only to watch with horror as the shot squirmed under his flailing arms into the net...2:1 and the rest is history...

a still scarred pembo 39 years on

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