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Online authorisations

Online authorisations

Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for new clients to show up as clients online after entering the authorisation code? It used to be the next day but seemingly not any more.

And if they don't show up as clients online, will they show up as clients to HMRC if we phone them or would it be a waste of time?


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By K81
08th May 2012 15:18

Your clients should show up the day after you enter the authorisation code provided you have also allocated the client on your government gateway account.

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By mwngiol
08th May 2012 16:47

Is that a new thing?

We've never had to allocate anything on the government gateway in the past, merely entering the code was enough to get the client to appear on our online list.

I have called the online help desk and they are looking into it. They said that the client should have appeared on our online list within 72 hours of entering the code, but I entered the code almost 2 weeks ago.

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By K81
08th May 2012 16:54

we used to have no problem, as you said, entered the code & clients appeared up to three days later.

Back in September I had some not cutting accross & the online helpdesk suggested that I also allocate through the government gateway & I have had no problems since.

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By mwngiol
08th May 2012 16:57

Thank you

Thanks for the tip :)

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By ACDWebb
09th May 2012 09:59

Entered one yesterday
It is there today.

Allocating at the Gateway should only be an issue if you have multiple admins & assistants set up on your system.

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