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Online Corporation Tax Reference has vanished!

I swear a couple of weeks ago HMRC's website showed me the corporation tax reference number to pay the amount due, rather than having to find a payslip.  I logged in today and I can't find it anywhere!  

Has it been removed and does anyone know why?

Or is it just Friday and I should go home?



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We don't know why they've been removed ...

... and whether they'll reappear.

But it's not a major problem - the period number (which is the only variable required to construct the payment reference) appears (as it always has done) in the URL.

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In the URL?
I hadn't spotted that! Thank you.

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I've just logged in

and gone to a client, and the reference is still there.

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No Reference for me

I've noticed the same thing! Thanks for the tip re: the period number being in the url, I had never noticed that before!

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