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Online document management service for clients

I am wanting to find out if there is a service that you can integrate as part of your own website that allows clients to login and upload and download documents. Similar to that of the services of dropbox but can be branded up by your own company's logo etc.  If anyone has any names or past experience of companies that offer this that would be useful.


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By ksalter
18th Jan 2012 07:48

Client portal

Docsafe -

Integrates with website

Electronic approval of tax returns a real bonus at this time of year

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By DomBall
18th Jan 2012 13:53

Thanks for the reply. 

Do you use it? Are there any limitations or anything you would change? 

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By ksalter
18th Jan 2012 14:00


Yes we use it - any changes we have wanted done have been suggested and more importantly implemented speedily e.g. number of documents and number of clients on system report - now there, unread items was last request we made - now there......


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By docSAFE
18th Jan 2012 16:14

docSAFE webinars

Thanks Kevin for the positive feedback. We can do free webinars if people want to see docSAFE in action. Various tutorials are also available if you search for docsafe on youtube. 

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18th Jan 2012 19:06

This sounds like something we would really benefit from
Can I ask what the charges are if you exceed the 4GB limit?

This service could potentially save us £4,000 a year in postage and printing costs - and also the same amount in time not required in getting the post ready, fetching documents from the printer etc.

Does the software link to iris for easy transfer of documents?

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By docSAFE
19th Jan 2012 08:42

Costs and easy of use

The charges are fairly negliable and we discuss each case individually. Most firms don't need any more space than this unless they are looking to offer their clients a private  area for storing key backups such as Sage data, mortgage doc's, passports etc. The idea of a private space has grown in popularity as it locks clients in and offers an added value service for neligable cost.

docSAFE has many features to transfer in files such as drag & drop, direct upload from windows, automatic syncronisation. We have many clients who simply drag and drop on screen from Iris.

Just call if you want to see how it works. My number is 0121 698 2098

Mike Couzens


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Secure Document Exchange

Hi, We've been using Practice Web's Secure Document Exchange (SDE) bolt on to our website for several years now. Best thing since bread came sliced! Meeting with the team from Practice Web shortly to discuss further enhancements (INVU integration).

find out more here,


Used as added value for client services, perfect for storing personal data such as driver's license, boarding passes, which were desperately needed last year in Gibraltar Airport and stored in my SDE area just in case ( A godsend, trust me!)

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By docSAFE
20th Jan 2012 12:31

Hi, amongst many of docsafe' s advanced features - which include electronic signatures, multiuser access, large file transfer ( 500MB), multi file upload and download, etc-  which have been around for many years, you can now send documents directly from other software. If you are looking into going paperless we recommend . docSAFE is already integrated into this excellent paperless office software.

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20th Jan 2012 16:42

Secure Document Exchange from PracticeWEB

The PracticeWEB Secure Document Exchange is another option as Kevin mentioned.

One of the benefits of our latest version is that it is website vendor agnostic, and can now be run alongside any accountants website.

As Kevin also pointed out, as of the end of January, our partnership with Invu will allow for all transactions to be overseen by Invu’s audit and version controls (further details from our website

We’ve been providing this service to accountants for 6 years, and many have fully utilised the cost and time savings that such technology provides while enhancing client service.

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20th Jan 2012 20:20

PaperLess working with clients

You could approach this from a more integrated perspective perhaps.

PaperLess integrates with Sage 50 accounts and many other accounting applications.

Secure Remote Access is also part of PaperLess which means clients can upload and download documents, view all transactions and their documents and potentially use the full functionality of PaperLess within their business.

There is a recording of a webinar at which provides further information.



Accounting the PaperLess way™

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24th Jan 2012 11:19

Not a good idea in my experience

Since my thoughts ran to more words than appropriate for a comment here, I have just posted an article on my blog.

Suffice to say, in my experience, online document portals are a cool technology looking for a use case in the context of most small accountancy firms.


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By docSAFE
24th Jan 2012 15:06

Basic portals have given bad experience


Having read you blog I think your spot on and this is echoed by firms who have used some of the basic portals that are out in the market. Its a shame that these basic portals, which are often bundled into website packages, have not given better experience but as with most things in life you get what you pay for. Here are we specialise in portals and have learnt from our vast numbers of users and nearly 10 years experience that you have to give a complete service which includes:

A full client preload

Staff training

Electronic signatures

Client account control

Mobile phone apps

Client server synchronisation

and much more

Its really important that the firm understands that the portal is not just offered to clients but becomes a fontline of communication.

Mike Couzens




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