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Opening Sage File received from client

I am not a regular Sage user. I only use Sage when I have to.

One of my new client emailed me thier Sage file. I try and open the file on Sage through restore. I am not able to open the file. I get the following message:

The data is from unsupported version of the programme. It is not possible to convert the data directly.

Is there a way round this?



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11th Jul 2010 22:00


You could always ask Sage.

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11th Jul 2010 22:16

Sage restore

I've had this problem once when the client emailed the backup. They then took a backup, saved it to disk and sent it to me which restored perfectly. I assumed it was something strange they'd done.

Might be worth a try!


 EDIT - should also have said that my initial thought was that their software was an old version but confirmed that it was 2010, which is why I asked them to send the backup by disk. 

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11th Jul 2010 23:06

Sage Backup

It would suggest that the data is from a much earlier version of Sage 50.  For example, if you are using v16, data from v10 cannot be restored directly and has to be upgraded through another version, such as 12, first - it is a service I can offer if required.


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13th Jul 2010 10:00


You could be really really nice to Adrian Pearson ... and see if he will let you have a link to his beta ledgerscope sysytem - which willl enable you to "read" the Sage file without having sage installed on your machine - amongst other clever things ... 

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14th Jul 2010 10:42

Is there procedure to open a email sage file

Thanks for all responses

I do not want to pay Sage for support, since I only used Sage when I have to.

Does anyone know how to open Sage file received in an email from a client? Does the file needs to be converted? The version of Sage the client uses is the same as mine.



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14th Jul 2010 11:25

Me too

I only use Sage when I have to but I am still an Accountants Club member with Priority Link.

There's a lot of clients out there that use Sage.

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14th Jul 2010 12:17

Sage Data

With regards to restoring Sage data from a client, there are 4 scenarios:

1. You and the client both use the same version of Sage - no problems, you just restore in the usual manner.

2. Customer is using a later version of Sage than you - there is no way to restore the backup from the customer, you'd need to upgrade your copy of Sage to match theirs.

3. Customer is using an earlier version of Sage - if the earlier version is fairly close in version number to your's, you'd be able to restore the backup and Sage would then convert the data.  The one thing you can't do is return a backup from your copy of Sage to the client.

4. Customer is using a much earlier version of Sage - the restore may, as in the original question, fail with a message that the versions are incompatible - for example, you can't restore a backup from v10 into v16.  In a case like this, the data has to go through an intermediate version so, in the case of a v10 backup, it has to be upgraded to v12 first then on to v16.


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14th Jul 2010 13:04

Same message

I had exactly the same message last week, and had to restore the data through an intermediate version as mentioned above by John.

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14th Jul 2010 13:06

Thanks John helpful response. Going to Sage would not have helped.

This is the reason why I deter my clients from using Sage.

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14th Jul 2010 19:19

Why not?

"Going to Sage would not have helped."

Why not?

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