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Outsourcing account production to India via IRIS

Outsourcing account production to India via IRIS

Getting staff is almost impossible at the moment and although we want to recruit we desperately need production capacity to meet our rapid growth as a firm.

IRIS outsourcing to India looks good but feels like a big step - I would welcome any advice or comments, especially from anyone who has used the service.

Thanks in advance

Anon for now


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30th May 2008 12:29

To confirm: IRIS Resourcing is known as UTOPIA BPO in India. Utopia is the new company that was "formed" out of MIS when IRIS became shareholders.

If you require any references from existing customers we would be very willing to oblige.

With regards
Sharanbir Brijnath
IRIS Resourcing

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29th May 2008 09:31

Data Protection Act
Just a potential fly in the ointment, I have recently been informed that any movement of clients data, especially financial data, to any location outside the EU requires client specific consent for this to be undertaken.

I must admit I have not had the time yet to check this out in full, but from a personal point of view with identity theft and fraud being so prevalent and the largest growth area of crime, I would like to be informed that if I selected an accountancy firm I believed I could trust, that the confidentiality I assumed was in place with that firm was being 100% maintained, and not in the hands of an unidentified (to me) 3rd party half way across the world in an accounts factory, where the AML procedures are far less robust than those in th UK, as a client I would insist on being given the choice.

Back to the original question, I have been giving AML seminars around the UK which has been supported by both the ICB and IAB. These two bookkeeping bodies have been given official approval so to speak by HM Tresaury as "competant" bodies for regulation of their members for AML purposes to that of a "reasonable person". Those I have met at our seminars have been of an excellent standard and have contributed to the seminars with intelligent questions. I am sure if any body required local services they could contact these two bodies directly for local contacts.

Steve O'Neill
Business Tax Centre Ltd

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By Anonymous
29th May 2008 07:32

Three replies answering questions that weren't asked. That's AccountingWeb for you.

If the organisation in question is Utopia, previously known as MIS before the takeover by Iris, it is very professional and the accounts and working papers come back to a high standard. We have used them in the past and been very happy with the work. For a number of reasons connected with our internal organisation and the accounts software that we now use we are looking at a different supplier at present, but I suggest that you give them a try.

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By Anonymous
29th May 2008 07:29

Thanks for the responses so far....
We have the same reservations but were quite impressed by IRIS's offering. It would be really helpful to have feedback from anyone using the IRIS outsourcing service.

We have tried local subcontractors but there has always been a huge variance in service and quality levels - and those who are good quickly get too busy. I suppose it's the potential consistency, efficiency and cost effectiveness which attracts us.

Anyone use the IRIS service?

Thanks again

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By Anonymous
28th May 2008 19:02

My experience
At one time I was really keen to do this and too be honest became very disillusioned with the whole idea.

I contacted several well known companies who outsource in India and had very poor responses. Some took over a week to even respond to intial email queries. Some had a very poor grasp of English and it was hard to understand what they were offering. Few seemed interested in discussing their services. The reality for me was not what was offered by many.

In the end I used subcontract individuals in the UK - local people who wanted to work from home. I had no difficulty getting these although struggled to get staff who wanted to work in the office even though I offered flexi-time/part time etc.

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By Anonymous
28th May 2008 14:33

Oustource Here!
There are plenty of people in the UK like myself who have the skills you need and that are looking for extra work and would be happy to help you out.

If this is option to you please contact me:


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By Anonymous
28th May 2008 14:02

Bank manager didn't like the idea
I don't know about the practicalities of it but a business development manager at one of the banks I deal with told me that they had had discussions with a small two partner practice who outsourced practically everything to India and had no staff at all.

The bank manager asked me if I did this and when I said no, he said he wouldn't be comfortable referring work to a practice that outsourced to India. I don't know whether that was just his opinion or generally that of the bank.

A previous employer used this service once but wasn't overly impressed and didn't do it again while I worked there.

There does seem to be a lot of mixed views about it. I haven't used it myself, but I could find myself in the same position as you in the not too distant future. So I too would be interested to hear from anyone who has used the service more recently.

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