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P11D dispensation

P11D dispensation

have less than a dozen clients, mostly one man band with a secretary or not.

Do the other respected members of the forum apply for P11d dispensations as a matter of routine?

many thanks


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08th May 2012 10:26

I am also interested in answers to this topic, as I have a similar clientele.  I applied for a dispensation for the limited company owned jointly by myself and my husband a few years ago, but it wasn't a simple matter - received a reply with lots of questions regarding how expenses can be authorised by an independent person - so did not take it any further.  Dispensations would save me the annual P11D headache, but are they easy to get?!

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08th May 2012 17:46

Can be easy

Even for one-person companies. HMRC are, understandably, interested in what independent checks there are on an expense claim. If a director is simply authorising their own expenses it could be a problem. If a suitably qualified bookkeeper is doing so that will usually satisfy the requirement.

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By Luke
09th May 2012 08:23

Very similar client base
I do routinely apply for dispensations and have normally got them without question.

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09th May 2012 09:06

I never used to bother

It used to be quite a performance for one man companies and I did not used to bother, but now I do as HMRC appear to have changed their approach.  I get the client to fill in a P11dx and then copy there answers into the online application (which for some reason is not identical but there you go...)

I have applied for lots recently, and only had stupid questions back on one of them, so I will keep going.  Beats filling in P11ds.

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09th May 2012 09:47


Always do a P11dx and say accountant verifies all expense claims, as we do.

Never any issues.

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