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P11d(B) penalty

P11d(B) penalty

When completing a clients accounts in December i realised i had not filed the P11d(b) for the company as the director had started to receive a car benefit  during the year ended 5th April 2011.I was aware of it was required as had previously filed a p46 car i simply forgot, we had not however indicated on the p35 that p11d would be issued.

Having paid the outstanding Class 1a liablity of £473. I have now recieved a penalty determintion for the late filing of the return of £473 (reduced from £600).

Do i have any grounds to appeal, especially in relation to the size of the penalty, 


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09th Mar 2012 11:22

I would have thought that

The only grounds for appeal are that the penalty is disproportionate to the "crime".  I believe some taxpayers have had some success in this direction.  But otherwise it seems a fair cop.

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09th Mar 2012 13:31

I have prepared a letter appealing on the grounds that it is excessive penalty for a genuine mistake. Stating that once i realise the error, the return was filed and outstanding liability was paid immediately.

At least it is worth a try

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