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P14 Required

P14 Required

A client have approached me to file P35 for his company. He wants to pay himself and his wife (who does all his admin work) £5200 each , so they make use of thier PA for the year.

Unfortunately, I've ran out of p14 forms and It is too late to request for one from HMRC. It is also too late to registered for online filing as it takes around 7 days for the authorization code to arrive.

What can I do to help me client, please

thank you
Sandra Blakes


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By Anonymous
14th May 2008 16:48

Let me know if you are not registered for web filing. I have plenty here and can post a couple off to you first thing.

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15th May 2008 09:28

You learn new things everyday
Alright!! Didn't know that.....

Thanks a bunch, Paul. This will save me a lot of bother in the future.

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15th May 2008 08:57

Authorisation is not needed
You dont need an authorisation code for filing the end of year return. You can still go ahead and file online anyway. Without authorisation it just means you dont have access to view or amend details.

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14th May 2008 21:21

date extended
Thank you very much for the offer, Kathy.

I have however been informed that HMRC has extended the deadline to 26th May. This will buy me some time to apply and receive an authorization code for online filing and/ or receive the paper p14s which I have ordered from HMRC.

Many thanks for all your support

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By Anonymous
14th May 2008 16:40

Calculate P14s on the employers CD-Rom then file a paper P35 placebo

I assuem you are registered for web filing? You could use the filing only service as an agent

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