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P35 online submission

P35 online submission

We've submitted two P35s. Now I know there was scheduled maintenance and we've received no confirmation and on Moneysoft it shows outstanding.

However we submitted two P45s this morning and got immediate responses.

Are the P35s on a different system?

Should we be worried?


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By a_m
11th Apr 2012 11:13

Same Happened....

I processed year end for one client this morning using PAYE Basic Tools.

I had to submit a P46 first and I got an immediate email acknowledgement.

Then when I went to submit the P35 all I received was error messages - I tried several times. So I am not sure if it has been received. As per HMRC guidance on service availability, I will wait till 13th Apr, i.e. Friday to see if I receive an acknowledgement email. If not I will try to re submit!!

So frustrating......!!!!

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By 0098087
11th Apr 2012 11:36

Yep, and they probably think people won't submit until then as they only send them out on the 5th April!!

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By ruben
11th Apr 2012 12:43

P35 submissions

Same problem with me

I filed -the other not

Both submitted at same time

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11th Apr 2012 13:47

P35 submissions

Managed to file quite a few this morning, but not a single one has yet been accepted. They're all pending, so still cannot print off P60s etc. and get the paperwork off to the clients.

Huge waste of time as I now have to revisit them all.

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11th Apr 2012 14:40

HMRC outage page...



In the past they've shut down PAYE responses for a day or two, and it worked so well that this year they've made it 9 days. Perhaps in a few years they can be not responding for a full month in April, and then they can extend the scheme to cover the full year.

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12th Apr 2012 09:03

I wouldn't say anything negative here

because some members think that HMRC is FIT for purpose!

The effective "downtime/shutdown" for me will have been from 4 to 13 April. So much for all submissions to be online.

Anyhow, as I said, this (criticism) is all dangerous stuff!

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By 0098087
12th Apr 2012 10:09

Today I have two emails from HMRC telling me there are two notices. I have run the desktop viewer and nothing has come down.


I logged in on the website it tells me there is one notice. I tried to download it and it said no notices. Wonderful upgrade RTI is going to be such fun!!!

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By 0098087
12th Apr 2012 10:13

oh and i love the notice options. it says the current tax year is 2011/2012!!

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:35

even HMRC response e-mails are incorrect


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