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P35 reminders received a month after issue

P35 reminders received a month after issue

We've just received a number of P35 reminders, the date of issue was 29/4/12 and we received them 28/5/12, is this a record?

We often have similar issues with agent authorisation codes, where the client only gets them a day or two before (or in some cases after, especially if they are abroad!) the expiry date, so if they are away or delay sending to us we have to re-apply.

Does anyone else have similar issues?  Is there anywhere that these issues can be reported?

In any case, with the high cost of post, long queues to speak to a human on the HMRC phone system, etc you'd think HMRC would use e-mail a lot more - a bit of a nonsense in this day and age.


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29th May 2012 12:06


We received 25 all dated and received identically to yours.

We are in Dorset, and the majority of ours would have been Bristol & N Somerset Area,

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29th May 2012 12:09

Par for the course

These are the standards we expect from HMRC.

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29th May 2012 14:40

Don't Bother

Don't bother reporting the issues to anybody - it won't make a jot of difference. We've all been there and got the tee shirt but I've full confidence that things will get better soon because the new President of the CIOT has announced that the system is not broken. Who needs enemies when we've got HMRC apologists and appeasers like that?



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