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Parnership Dissolution

Parnership Dissolution

Good Morning,

Please if you could let me know if there is a form to fill in to request a partership dissolution from HMRC since the remaining partner does not wish to continue with it.

I have written to HMRC on several occassions, notifying them of that, but I keep getting reminders to file a partnership tax return.

Many Thanks,



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By mumpin
13th Jan 2012 15:49

Patnership ceases...

I think you just prepare the final Partnership Tax return and then enter the date that the partnership ceased in the appropriate box on the second page.

You would also enter the same date on the individuals' tax returns (partnership supplementary pages), ie. the date that they ceased to be partners.

This is all I've done in the past.

That should be HMRC notified but obviously the resigning partner should obtain some sort of written acknowledgement of his departure from the remaining partner/sole trader.

Hope this helps.

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13th Jan 2012 23:19

Partnership ceasing

I rang HMRC today on the very same subject.  The technical team advised the same: enter closure date on SA800 and again on the SA100.  No need to send separate letter. mumpin advises correctly.

However, just in case - check online and submit nil return if a return is showing as outstanding otherwise you may receive a penalty and have to do an appeal letter.  Correspondence is taking months to process at HMRC so any letters sent in could still be in the to-do tray....

If another notice is issued in April 2012 ring the agent line and ask why another notice has been issued.  They may close it down whilst you are on the telephone.

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14th Jan 2012 09:41

Thank you

Many Thanks to you both for you advice.


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