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PAYE booklets 14/15

Normally at this time of year I would be receiving dozens of PAYE payslip booklets (P30BC) for my clients.

Not had any so far, but have received a fair few letters (P30B letter) from HMRC headed "Paying PAYE electronically."

Anyone in the same boat and, before I reinvent the wheel, anyone know any more about this especially who we ring up to ask for booklets?

Many thanks in advance for any and all responses.


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10th Feb 2014 17:31

Give them time!

You won't need the first 2014/15 PAYE payslip until three months from now.  Why are you so concerned?

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11th Feb 2014 10:20


If they're just late coming out and everybody else is in the same boat, then that's fine.

But normally by now I would have pretty much received all the booklets and I was a bit concerned that these letters were either a sneaky way of shifting clients who don't want to onto paying electronically or that paying electronically had suddenly become compulsory and I had missed something.

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11th Feb 2014 10:41

Same boat

My recollection is that last year I was irritated by being sent PAYE payslip booklets and envelopes in January when I had other things on my mind.  Cannot recall when we received the P30B electronic payment letters.  However, we have only one client (out of 80 or so) who actually uses payslips.  I assume that if HMRC receives one electronic payment, they flag the record as "don't send payslips next year", which might explain the trend towards electronic payment.

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11th Feb 2014 11:07


OK, Euan, thanks for that.

I haven't got as many schemes as that but probably half to 2/3 still prefer to pay by cheque. I'm far from wild about the brave new world of online payment myself and seem to attract clients who think the same way. It's quite possible some may have made the odd payment electronically but I know they will definitely want the comfort blanket of having a booklet to fall back on and / or use most of the time.

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By DMGbus
11th Feb 2014 13:24

No payslip booklets by default

It is my understanding the no PAYE payment booklets will be issued  for 2014/15 tax year unless the employer 'phones HMRC to ask for one.

Some employers did not receive 2013/14 payment booklets and for one of them it took several months to extract such a booklet from HMRC.

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11th Feb 2014 14:00

You may be right

DMGbus wrote:

It is my understanding the no PAYE payment booklets will be issued  for 2014/15 tax year unless the employer 'phones HMRC to ask for one.

... but I would have thought that they would have taken the opportunity of this PAYE News item last week (7 January) to say something about it.  Perhaps, they are saving it up for the Employer Bulletin due this month.

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By Wieslaw
11th Feb 2014 15:03

HMRC news on 3rd January...

Nothing about ceasing issuing them

Update about the bulk dispatch of the 2014-15 Payment Booklets and the weekly dispatch of 2013-14 in-year Payment Booklets to Employers.


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11th Feb 2014 17:33

Electronic payments quashing booklets

My understanding of this is that if the client pays their PAYE electronically, pay slip books will no longer be sent out.  As they put the reference number against the payment so that HMRC knows which period the payment relates to.

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By aslam
11th Feb 2014 17:44

No More booklets

it is my understanding that HMRC are not going to issue any book from now on.

Is all going to be online from now on

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By hje
04th Mar 2014 09:13

Utter tosh!

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By Aria
11th Feb 2014 19:47

Does anyone know how we can clarify this then ? As I have two clients who still pay by telefax to pay their employees and will NOT pay online to them as they 'Don't trust online banking'. I've being trying to persuade them to move to online payments for HMRC but they won't budge. However if these books are being withdrawn then I will obviously need to advise them accordingly.


I could just phone HMRC I suppose !

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12th Feb 2014 13:58

Hmmm, interesting...

....that there is so little consensus on this and a lot of diverging understandings.

I think I'll hang on until March and hope the booklets appear in the meantime.

Still, could this be a good one for Aweb to go and find out for us?!

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By aslam
17th Feb 2014 18:21

I received Paying booklet today


Just to let you know that I have received first PAYE  book of client for 2014/2015


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17th Feb 2014 18:45

I got one today as well


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By mumpin
17th Feb 2014 19:59

14/15 Paye payment booklets

In the past week I reckon I've had 20 letters saying that HMRC won't be issuing a booklet and 3 booklets for schemes.

Had a quick look and couldn't really understand why they had decided to issue booklets to the ones that they had.

Not sure what HMRC's criteria are...

Euan will explain, hopefully.

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18th Feb 2014 10:00

Employer Bulletin No.46

... has nothing to say about PAYE payslip booklets for 2014/15.

As some have received payslip booklets, I think we must assume that nothing has changed except that HMRC have removed all HMRC contact details from the booklets.

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By Jimess
04th Mar 2014 09:21

Got all of Mine!

I have about half a dozen clients who use PAYE payment booklets and all of them have arrived, the last one popped through the door yesterday.  The electronic payment letters for the rest of my payroll clients are a bit hit and miss though!

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