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PAYE End of year

PAYE End of year

 In addition to the insanity of having online services down over the 5th April, we are still not getting emailed confirmations re P35s and P46s and P45s that have been filed in the last 24 hours. If the system was back up at 6am where are they emails?


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06th Apr 2011 09:56

Me too!

 I am still waiting, and only feel marginally better that I am not the only one ;-)


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06th Apr 2011 13:41

That's news to me.

Since when to HMRC email us/you to confirm receipt of a P45/P46? You did say P35/P45 etc.

Yes I know about P35 acknowledgements. So I can't answer your question but can you answer mine please.

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06th Apr 2011 13:43

Service issue

These are the current PAYE service issues.  Does this cover your problem?

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By 0098087
06th Apr 2011 14:51


We get email confirmation when we file P45s and P46s online. 

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