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Payments on account for 2013-14

I need to reduce payments on account for 2013-14 but when I go to do this in the SA section on the HMRC website it only offers me to reduce the payments on account for tax year 5th April 2013??

Is this just a glitch on the site or does it work?

Thanks in advance


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My experience is that you can't within the HMRC software, so you have to make the application separately.

Commercial software (like TaxCalc, which is what I use) lets you do it, so I don't know why the HMRC software is so backward.

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By DMGbus
29th Jan 2014 13:54

Form SA303

If this can't be done online, then use paper form SA303: 

It might just be possible to complete SA303 equivalent online outside the SA return filing (ie. as a different task within SA online).

If done by paper form then I recommend a "White space" note on the tax return (if HMRC software allows!) along the lines "I have completed paper form SA303 to reduce my 2013/14 payments on account" (and state the figures involved).

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By parksc
29th Jan 2014 22:21

You can do it online apparently!

Have spoken to HMRC and they say as I havent submitted my return it only shows the payments on account for current tax years.

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