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Payroll software

I need to purchase a tried and tested payroll software that will allow me to process up to about 10 businesses with no more than 15 employees on each. Most of the bureau licences are very expensive for this small number of clients, particularly when most of them are done as freebies!! Any suggestions gratefully received?


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CalcPay costs 80.00 for what you want
For your 10 clients CalcPay will cost 80.00+vat for this paye year. You can send EOY online so your clients will get 250*10=£2,500 from the IR.
For next year as a member you can get a discount of £5 off the £99.00 price of 99 client version.
So you can then have a clean conscience to bill them £100.00 for doing the EOY returns, you need to push about 5 buttons. You can also print the P60 so a mornings work will bring in 10*100 = £1,000

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payroll software
I suggest you read the posting re moneysoft payroll. I also can't speak highly enough about the product for the price.

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Sage Payroll has a number of options.
Nowadays Sage Payroll is a very configurable product to meet the needs of businesses like yours.
Please feel free to get in touch should you require further details and prices.

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I run 11 payrolls ranging from 1 to 10 employees and Quickbooks (Accountants edition) is excellent.
Not bad for bookkeeping either.

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We have had no problems at all and the support has been first class.

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Moneysoft is your answer.

I have over the years tried many different products and when it comes to payroll I have never before found one as good as moneysoft.

And the price, well lets just say it's the right price for the right product!


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And another......try DOSH its super - I use it for my practice payroll and advise my clients to use it.

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Andica Payroll Software
Have a look at Andica Payroll Software

The software is available for a selection of employee bands (10, 25, 50, 100 and unlimited) and an optional multi company feature.

Price for a 25 Employee software with 10 companies is £149+VAT. Price for support which including upgrades is £119+VAT per annum.

Call or email for full working evaluation software CD.

Bharat Vithlani
Andica Ltd
0870-766 1515
[email protected]

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Payroll Software
Why not have a look at Thesaurus payroll a bureau version for unlimited companys and employees is only £160+ vat support is free.

You can check it out on our website or ring 0845 3004 304

Donald Pottie
Thesaurus Software

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Any thing but IRIS

Anything but Iris - the new version is driving my payroll staff up the wall, and we've never been less than no 40 in the queue for help at National Rates....

They are bad news.

PS if anyone from IRIS is reading - save your self a stamp and never send us any marketing material for your other stuff again...


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I agree about Iris
Like Paul's staff I'm working late trying to sort out the total cock up which is Iris's latest version, which manages to corrupt every database it opens.

If it's any help Paul, I've done two things that have helped a lot.

1) Deleted all the companies, (then renamed the ruddy data files so they don't appear on the list) Formed new companies for each and then restored last backup. This has worked for me.

2) Written a stinking letter to Iris telling them this is the last straw, I'm off to Moneysoft at the end of the month after electronic filing (which I'm dreading with their software) and asking for refund for the remaining six months of my license, under the sale of goods act, citing that "the goods are not fit for the purpose for which they were sold"

Might not achieve too much, but at least I feel better now

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Loyalty dictates that I ought to mention Payrite from Rutherford Webb on this thread.

That and the recent box of chocolates they sent for it being an anniversary of our installation!

Their website is

We run payrolls for seven additional charities off our software. All it costs is the disk space for the data files. Purchase price is based on the number of users and number of modules required. Annual maintenance follows much the same pricing policy.

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try this link and see what other people are saying

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Avoid Iris at all costs
Don't know what they've done or why, but a fairly straightforward programme has been turned into a nightmare. Help desk are slow and grumpy. Like many others I will be seeking a refund.

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