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Payroll Software

I run my own bookkeeping services and a couple of clients would like me to do their Payroll. Is there a good reasonably priced software package out there that would do multi-company payroll?
Zoe McCrow


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Payroll Manager
I have always used Payroll Manager which is written and sold by Moneysoft. Their web site is .It's very well priced and the backup/support is wonderful.

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payroll software
I use moneysoft. It is excellent & extremely flexible (and cheap as chips). Have used sage in the past which I found completely the opposite!!

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Hello Zoe,

Take a look at Keytime - Inland Revenue approved payroll at very cost conscious prices.

Take a look at the AccWeb partner page, go to or phone 0845 456 3103.



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It has to be Payroll Manager...
...Go to

Payroll Manager is reasonalby priced, unlimited employers and easy to use.

What more do you need?!

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I have purchased moneysoft some months ago and find it excellent value for money and very quick and easy to use.

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I'm an IRIS fan, but then it's all I've ever used!

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.......another Moneysoft Fan
I have been using Moneysoft's Payroll Manager for three years and I have got to say it has proved real value for money. The helpline is excellent and they welcome any suggestions or comments you have. I use Payroll Manager 100 and it allows you have multiple employers with up to 100 employees on each employer - Competitively priced at only £99.95 (inclusive of VAT). I do the payroll for quite a few companies and businesses - all with different needs and requirements and Payroll Manager mananges each one without any problems. Also it is not necessary to buy any specialised or preprinted stationery, if your clients do not require it.

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QuickBooks payroll for up to 99 employees
which does of course fully integrate with QuickBooks bookkeeping or can be effectively run as independent software. You can run as many client payrolls as you need to within the standard software usage terms.

Cost - New software: one copy of QuickBooks accounting software + £50 for the payroll licence for 1 year, which for the QuickBooks Regular version + payroll is less than £200 incl VAT. Annual payroll renewal subscription in the £100 region.

That includes all updates for the period and electronic filing of P35 + P14's.

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Try StarPay

Try StarPay. It is based on our very successful Bureau Software but at a competitve price for the smaller user. Fully IR accredited and Internet filing of P45, P46 and Year End forms as well as dealing with sub-contractors and gross-up calculations.

Carol Bradbury
Product Development Manager

Sales Contact for StarPay
Paul Cookson
01923 246414

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I, too, have arrived at Moneysoft via Sage, QTac and QuickBooks. I chose it initially because it was totally online compliant before anyone else, but it is very good value for money, and I must also say that having immediate free human assistance available is an enormous relief.
The only criticisms I have is that entering data can become cumbersome with a lot of employees, and I don't know how to extract data into a spreadsheet.
Give it a try,
Colin Elliott

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Andica Payroll Software

Try Andica Payroll,

It is reasonably priced, accreditted by the HMRC for payroll standards and 'File By Internet' capabilities.

Prices start from £69+VAT for 10 employees, 1 company license. Additional companies at £25+VAT for every 5 extra companies.

For evaluation call 0870-766 1515 or request via AccountingWeb partner page

Alternatively email your details to [email protected].


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MoneySoft Payroll Manager is great.

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Payroll Software
Hi Zoe,

I have been in the payroll bureau sector for 20 years and utilised a variety of software packages. Now I am running my own Bacs bureau and use a software product called Payroll Professional. It is not the cheapest but neither the dearest product on the market.

However, I do regard it as the best for bureau purposes - it can cater for every scenario. The software has been designed by people who come from a 'Payroll Bureau Background'. The support facilty is brilliant - queries are met in less than an hour. Costs are based on module/licences etc. with initial purchasing but thereafter the only other costs incurred are for support/maintanence.

If you don't fancy the headache of processing / keeping appraised of Inland Revenue legislation, in conjunction with your book-keeping please feel free to contact me via my website -

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Payroll Software
No one here has mentioned TAS Payroll Manager which I have used for over 10 years for my small number of clients who prefer their payroll to be performed by their accountant. It's a good package with excellent support and will file annual return via FBI.

You can purchase a licence as a single use single company, then upgrade to multi-company for up to 15 companies, 50 companies, unlimited companies. Whatever suits you.

Visit the TAS webiste for full details and pricing

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Paye software etc
If you join the MYOB partners program it costs about £150 and you get a copy of all programs.

The accounting plus program has payroll fully integrated - it also allows unlimited businesses to be set up AND each allows unlimited employees - it is simple to set up and simple to use.

Our practice PAYE bureau runs to around 100 clients and we only use MYOB for this - it is easy, fast and very profitable.

If you are doing book-keeping for the clients as well it can all go into the same company file (we do this for those clients whose book-keeping we do).

In fact MYOB is far more efficient and far simpler to use than Sage or Tas and so, as a practice, we now only recommend MYOB to our 500 or so clients

Contact MYOB on ...

Les Robinson
Robinson & Co

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Payroll software
Moneysoft. I used Freeway's Paymaster until it was taken over by IRIS when it became too expensive for our needs, support was not as good as before and I had problems with the program flipping out when I was using it among other things.
I have had no problems with Moneysoft and the personal approach to support is excellent.

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I have used QTAC Solutions' QPay and Payroll Manager for years. The telephone support is excellent and the programme easy to use and intuitive. See I believe they will let you have a demo version to try out. You can use it to file on line and get a £250 cashback for your client from HMRC, which should go down well. Printouts can be exported to "Word" and other packages and emailed to clients. It is also great for "one-off" and "what if?" payroll calculations for other clients.

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QuickBooks bookkeeping and payroll
QuickBooks does the accounts and has integrated payroll, which is multi-company and for up to 99 employees. You can submit your year end returns online and payroll is accredited by HM Revenue and Customs.

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happy with moneysoft
I use moneysoft for several different client payrolls and find it excellent value for money, especialli as it also does online filing and P11ds.

Only crticism would be the help line which is generally no help at all!!

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We switched from IRIS a couple of years ago and have gone with Moneysoft which I find a lot easier to use. I have about 20 clients on this system, some with only a couple of employees. Definitely recommend this software to you.

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Use Moneysoft
It is the easiest one to use that I have found, and their telephone support - straight through to the people you need - is superb. Darn good pricing too. We've used it now for 4 years and it knocks the spots off our previous prog.

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DOSH Recommendation
I would add my support for Dosh as an entry level program for small business. It is scalable upward for expanding users, and it comes with a fully working sample company, so that you can try out every step without affecting real data.

John Wild
Gillingham, Kent

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payroll software

We are accountants and have developed our own very easy to use payroll software for our own use and for clients to use themselves.

The package costs £40 and is suitable for businesses with up to 12 employees overall.

Businesses with no previous experience of computer wage programmes have been up and running in 30 minutes.

Please e-mail if you are interested.
[email protected]
B Williams

Wagespeed Ltd

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I would recommend Andica Payroll
Easy to use and good value for money. Software available with multi-company licence, each additional company licence costs £5. Product is fully accredited by Inland Revenue.

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Payroll package

Like you, I prepare other peoples payroll and write up their books. I have used Sage, Tas books, now part of Sage, MYOB, Peagsus, Iris (rather expensive), Exchequer, Access and Quickbooks. Sage like TAS books are very old, tired and jaded payroll packages which works on SQL Access and DOS.

In all, I would introduce Quickbooks as it is really easy to use, very usewr friendly, define different crtieria in different envirnoment, design your own payroll style and best of all you are not required to buy the payroll stationery as they are all there for you to design. It does all your returns electronically and qualifies you for a refund from the free subscription organisation the HMRC!

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For a cheap payroll option that even does the FBI submission you cannot beat this little application for Excel.

It does come with a big Warning " you must know your PAYE rules".

So if you realise this then I would recommend it.

My only other warning is with the P60 print outs. Depending upon the printer the values may not quite match up to the boxes. However, as it is in Excel you can adjust the spreadsheet to match the standard forms.

I had a number of niggles with the software but the tech. support ( the writer of the application) was very accomodating.


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IT Zone guide
It's getting a little old now, but we did an IT Zone guide to payroll software earlier this year. You'll find it here:

It contains the names of several suppliers catering for payroll bureaux and practising accountants.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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I highly recommend DOSH to you - its very easy to use, is approved for online filing and is very competitively priced.

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produce a very easy to use economical system.

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I use freeway and find it really good.

I tmay seem a litle expensive but you can buy add ons in batches of 10 so you could do lots of companies.

Their help line was poor when Iris took over but seems to have improved

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Thanks for all the feedback regarding payroll software.

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