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Payroll Software for 1500 Employee.

 I need to source a payroll package that deals with 1500+ Employee's and will allow at the very least, let us email the payslips to the employee's simply. Ideally will let employee's sign on and view/print their own payslip. 


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Try these..

 A former client of mine (only former because I changed jobs!)

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12 Pay


The Bureau & Enterprise Editions of 12Pay has unlimited employee per company and has the option to email payslips. I am not too sure about the "sign in and view/print own slips".

Have a look at the features of both the Bureau Edition: and the Enterprise Edition :

Kind Regards


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Hi John

I know MyPAYE would be up for the job and is being used for some good size payrolls.  We do have a partner offer from them too, which helps keep the price down.

Hope it helps.

David Toohey
The Accountants Circle

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Have a word with Hays head office

Their temps sytem does online payslips.

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What about .....Award Winning Sage 50 Payroll......

Hi John

I know I’m biased (I work for Sage) but we offer a range of payroll software and solutions that could right for you. Our Sage 50 Payroll Professional 2011 sounds like a good option for you and it won the best small business payroll solution at last year’s Software Satisfaction Awards. 

ou can comfortably run 1500 employees; check out all the details including the email payslips feature here and maybe try for free using the TestDrive


 If that’s not quite right for you we also have payroll solutions for larger businesses organisations and you can find all the details here


 Neilson Watts
Sage UK


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Again biased... but

Have you been in touch with the Payroll Professionals?  i.e. the Chartered Institute there-of.

The CIPP @

A growing company (like yours hopefully) needs to perform a thorough evaluation of the market with the future in mind.  

I work for the largest Payroll Service and Software provider in the UK market (our software one way or another provides the calculation for over 30% of all employees in the UK) and have no qualms with you checking out all the competition.

The CIPP could help you do that. 

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1500+ payroll that includes emailing payslips

Qtac Payroll Products Professional includes emailing payslips together with many other features that are usually requuired by companies of that size. Details available on their website

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Try iiPay

Well worth a look would be  Well conceived with good tech support and customer service and it has the features you're looking for. 

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