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Payroll software for 5 payroll clients

I have just 5 payroll clients (4 of which are for sole directors who pay no tax and NI) so just need some very simple and cheap software to enable me to keep the payroll and submit the year end P35's. I have used Moneysoft in the past, which is great, but it isnt worth me buying it for just 5 clients. Any suggestions on what I could use - would the HMRC free CD work? I've never used it.


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07th Jul 2010 09:07

why not Moneysoft??

At £110 = £22 per client - Well worth it in my opnion! Presumably you are also looking to grow the number of clients too.

If you don't think that is worth it - do it manually!

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07th Jul 2010 10:15

HMRC free software

I've used the CDRom in the past with no problems when I only had a few clients. It's not difficult to use but the main annoyance is that it does not do payslips so you have to do these manually.

I have changed to Moneysoft now and it's great!




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By Luke
07th Jul 2010 10:28


I don't think you'll find cheaper or better than moneysoft unless you want to use HMRC's free software.

Now, I thought I was stingy software wise but surely £110 isn't pushing it, I assume you are charging £150 ish each for the single director payrolls?  Moneysoft enables you to do them all in about ten minutes - surely that's worth £110?

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By happy
07th Jul 2010 10:49


Thanks all - yes I am being far too stingy (Scottish ancestry) I'll just buy MoneySoft. I know its the best.

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07th Jul 2010 11:07



Have you looked at the Bureau Edition of 12Pay (




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By SteveOH
07th Jul 2010 11:34


Thanks all - yes I am being far too stingy (Scottish ancestry) I'll just buy MoneySoft. I know its the best.

Posted by happy

You know it makes sense:)

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07th Jul 2010 12:09

I do hope

that you are not implying that Scots are, as a race, stingy!

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By refs8
07th Jul 2010 12:45


Glad you changed your mind happy - best software out there for me !

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07th Jul 2010 14:13

MyPAYE online payroll

Please have look at the Free to join Partner Program.

Hope this helps!

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By happy
07th Jul 2010 20:14


I asked for recommendations for cheap and simple sofware - yours is more expensive than Moneysoft. I cant see any reason why its better than Moneysoft either - what am I missing for you to suggest it?

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08th Jul 2010 10:29

What are you missing about MyPAYE


Unfortunately as we havn't spoken directly you are missing a key ingredient in making an informed decision on price alone the Partner Program rates. Add this to some other key benefits like Free set up of you own branded Payroll and fully interactive online with your client capability that allows you to let clients log in and do some or indeed all of the work for themselves and you only handle the exceptions to the norm and provide advise through the built in support centre. The ability to link to main online accounting solutions Kashflow,Xero,economic plus a link to  Sage 50  for auto posting of paydata. The ability to make BACS payments to your clients staff in one click a lot cheaper than the banks will charge with automated client authority for payments saving on PI premiums. Email payslips,  online filing, auto update from HMRC any notices of  changes to coding etc. P11d  P9 P45 /46 P35, full HR including training, disciplinary, CRB checks, medical requirements.  No back ups, no software to install no updates to install no compliance issues as HMRC changes are roled out instantly by us and take effect imediately, log in from anywhere 24/7 and lots lots more.

But rather than turn this into a free advert for MyPAYE I am happy to provide you with an overview of the Partner Program with an online webinar at your convenience.  if you would like to know more please feel free to email me and we can arrange a time to discuss our solution.

If we are too late I wish you the best fortune for the future and please look us up when you next want to change Payroll solution.

Neil Seekings

Sales Director


[email protected]


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By happy
08th Jul 2010 10:39

Thanks for the sales pitch

Thanks for the reply Neil - your package has lots of features, many of which are shared by Moneysoft,  but as I said in my original post it's for just 5 payroll clients (4 of which are for sole directors who pay no tax and NI) so its overkill for me.

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09th Jul 2010 10:37

Moneysoft gets my vote

Just wondering does Moneysoft now have more than 50% of the market?

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09th Jul 2010 10:48

MyPAYE - be happy :-)

Hi Happy,

The important thing you don't mention is how many employees you will be dealing with in total?

I have looked at MyPAYE and, even if you don't go through the partner route, it is extremely good value.
It is very simple to use and doesn't have restrictions in licencing.
There's no limit on the number of companies, the retail cost is based on just £1 per month per employee.

As I see it, if you have 5 payrolls with 1 employee, you pay £5 per month. that equates to £60 per year, quite cost-effective when you think what's included.

If you go down the partner route, you get a discount, which reduces your cost depending on the total number of employees you pay each month.

If you wish to discuss other options, please feel free to call me.

Roger Neale
Business Systems Consultant
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd

Tel 07714 670789

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09th Jul 2010 11:19


Fully concur

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By fijon
11th Jul 2010 16:01

Payroll Software

I would recommend Payroll manger.


I use it for completing payroll for my clients.Very easy to use and support is available with a phone call and no options when the call is answered. You speak straight away to another human being!

I thionk its about £50 for the first 20 or so employees.

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12th Jul 2010 09:56

Use the free revenue disk or write a spreadsheet.

Why pay out any money for such a few calculations

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12th Jul 2010 12:18

I'm with Chris

You don't need to run payrolls for the 4 one-man companies with no PAYE deductions.  You just need to file the P35 and P14 at the end of the tax year - assuming that the directors are being paid over the NI LEL - which you can most easily do online through the HMRC website or using the CD-ROM.

You have just one payroll to run.  Moneysoft is excellent, but it costs £55 a year for 1 company with up to 20 employees (or £110 a year for unlimited companies each with up to 100 employees/sub-contractors).  If money is that tight, use the CD-ROM for the one payroll.  I have never used it myself, but I am assured that it works.  Try it.

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13th Jul 2010 13:56

How about Payroo

Just to throw another one into the mix, how about Payroo ( This is an online package approved by HMRC and costs start at zero, which can't be bad.

I've used it for a few of my clients and have been impressed so far.

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13th Jul 2010 14:24

Payroo -

Sounds like payroll for Australians :-)

Just my sense of humour.

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