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Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3

I have just joined a company that uses Pegasus Opera 3 accounts package. Looking for some training in the use of it, particularly the XRL functions - does anyone out there know of a good provider? Thanks.


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25th Jan 2013 14:04


 I'd suggest contacting whoever provides your opera support & upgrades. We use (Essex & Hampshire)

We haven't had any training through them for a few years, so I can't comment on how they compare as a provider.  We use XRL for a few key monthend reports and it works fine, but mostly we export from opera into excel reports.

good luck


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By RachelN
25th Apr 2014 10:20

Opera 3 XRL Training


I am not sure if you have now found some training for XRL but thought I would give you our number (Rachel at Diskel Ltd. 01753 821091).  We are a Pegasus Reseller and provide training on all aspects of Opera 3 and XRL.  I am not sure where you are based but we are in Berkshire.

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