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Penalties on paper returns

Penalties on paper returns

Could someone please clarify the penalty position on a personal tax return if 5th April 2009 paper return is submitted today. Is there a £100 penalty for missing 31st Oct 2009 deadline AND £100 fine for missing 31st Jan 2010 deadline?

Thanks for any help


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22nd Jul 2010 12:11


The deadline was 31 October, so there is an initial penalty of £100 for filing after that date (assuming the tax owed is more than this).

The second £100 penalty kicks in 6 months after the filing deadline though, so I assume this will be 31 March 2010 for a paper return, therefore I think the penalty will still be £200 but not for the reasons you state.

If you could get it filed on line before 31 July 2010 the penalty would still be £100.

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22nd Jul 2010 16:58

Second penalty is 31 July regardless

SAM61020 - when the different filing dates were brought in TMA 1970 s93 was tweaked to ensure the second penalty was still for failure to file by 31 July (or six months after the filing date if later). So, in your case, the penalty should be only £100 if submitted within the next 9 days either online or on paper.


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