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Penalty Protest Days outside government buildings

Given new penalty regime and uneven playing field i.e. incompetent HMRC staff should there be days of protest against penalty charges given that the penalties are more than fines in criminal cases?Should the Federation of Small Businesses be involved and similar organisations?


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17th Apr 2012 16:11

I like that idea

but I wonder how many of us would actually drag our carcases up to Westminster. Incompetency cannt be used as ab excuse for late filing. However the level of penalties are unreasonable and perhaps rather than protesting a test case could be initiated. I am seriously thinking of trying to get interest on corporation tax vacated when CIS tax is outstanding. Methinks it will have to go to the wire.

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By Eoghan2
20th Apr 2012 16:55

Penalty Protest Day

I also like that idea. The small businees sector is been crucified from all angles, banks, vat ,paye and nic, debtor delays and yet Government are failing to help. Time to pay seems harder and harder to achieve.

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24th Apr 2012 16:42

Penalty Protest

Hear hear - I think it is totally wrong and HMRC should get it's own house in order before penalising the small business for trying to deal with the burdens placed upon by government.

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