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Phone answering service

I use a phone answering service at the moment which I am not happy with - can anyone recommend a firm they know does a good job?

All I want to be able to do is divert calls from my landline to a service which will take a message for me.


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Try Kendlebell
Have trialled them in the past at the customer service is very good. 0800 0776 131. They will screen calls and provide just holiday cover if required.

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I was thinking of trying Kendlebell as their services look very good and are competitively priced.  I did give serious consideration to others like MoneyPenny also but in the end I settled for MessageBase as they are local to Richmond which is not far from Hampton.  We've used them for over 2 years now and we're very happy with the service.  I'm sure the leading brands are all good although I have no reason to switch.  I hope this is of some help.

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A client of mine likes Moneypenny. They screen sales calls if you want.
I am usually home so I answer my own phone.

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Under construction
Hi Liz,
I've just asked them what is happening with their website, they explained that they were originally being called The Intelligent Office but then were warned about 'passing off' and so have just changed names to The Smarter Office and their new website is just being finished off, however you can email Rose on [email protected] (that's the email I have too but it will change shortly), they offer a referal scheme but I said not to worry but if you sign up with them they will charge me and you 75p insttead of 99p!

Let me know how you get on.


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Some alternatives
I've come across marketing for two services but not tried either:

The one you're not happy with wasn't one of these was it?

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Do you have a website address for The Smarter Office?

I use an answering service on a pay as you go basis, and after the initial £60 + vat set up, the cost is 80p + VAT per call which includes email and text message.

When I started with them, clients told me they were impressed but as time has gone on, I have had a couple of less positive comments including one potential client who thought my cleaner had answered the phone. I've worked out they use 4 people to answer the calls and 3 are good, one is not. So I am looking around at other options too.

Any other recommendations would be interesting, can those recommending also put the price on? Thanks

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The Smarter Office
Hi Liz,
you could try The Smarter Office. They are quite new but have given me a good service and actually take time to find out if I had particular clients who were more important than others. I'm on a pay as you go whereby its 99p a message/patched call. They also do a bit of bookkeeping and credit control so understand accounting jargon!
Their number is 02477 990030.

Good luck


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Jet Virtual - Phone Answering Service For Accountants

Hi Liz we have been recommended on this forum by a few of our accountant clients :)


We are a highly professional telephone answering service based in London and assign you with one main receptionist and a small team who answer your calls as if based in your office.

We offer a no obligation one week FREE TRIAL so you can put us to the test with no risk to you.


Contact us today on 020 7183 3788 or visit us at

Looking forward to working with you :)



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