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Plasterers tax relief on milk

Plasterers tax relief on milk

It has long been my understanding that a plasterer can claim relief for a pint of milk a day purchased because of the dry nature of the work.

HMRC have challenged this (June 2009).

Naturally, there appears to be no reference to milk in the Revenue manuals.

Can anyone offer me any help on this?


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By pawncob
24th Jun 2009 12:11

Prove it is essential.
Workers using GRP could claim for milk because it was essential to counteract the chemicals in the resin.
I'm not sure plasterers have the same problem. You might as well try and claim for a pint of beer.

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24th Jun 2009 12:16

Just one pint of beer though
You won't want them to get plastered.

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25th Jun 2009 00:03

Old builders tale ...
This, I think, is one of those old builders tales that have been dragged through year-by-year and spread virally through the industry, especially when some builder or plasterer gets away with it because it's never been highlighted to or queried by HMRC.

My guess would be: no.

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