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Posting abbreviated accs to Companies House

Posting abbreviated accs to Companies House

Ive got a new client who has accounts due by the end of the month but doesnt have the Companies House authentication codes.  I have applied for the code yesterday but if it isnt here Monday then I would rather get them in the post if possible to ensure they arrive in time.

I cant find anything on the Companies House website that states if they will accept postal copies or not.



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By honesty
25th Jun 2011 18:16

Give them a call

Call CH 8.30 Monday morning. (0)303 1234 500. You'll have the rest of the day to sort something out.

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25th Jun 2011 18:43

Yes they do

 Most of ours are still posted cos the ACCA insist we attach a cert and online submission strips this out.  

Don't forget there's more than one office, we use London.

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By Locutus
25th Jun 2011 21:00

Digital only from March 2013, so keep posting

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26th Jun 2011 10:52

Posting accounts

Don't forget CH are on Strike on 30th so nothing gets processed and no doubt if it arrives on that day it will be stamped 1st July & fines will ensue

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27th Jun 2011 10:09


Hi Paul,

Thanks for that tip re: ACCA I was not aware of this and have been online filing all of my accounts for a while now. How insistent are they?


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By Locutus
27th Jun 2011 10:39

ACCA and abbreviated accounts

Thanks also Paul, for that comment concerning accountants reports for abbreviated accounts, which I missed previously.

I got the impression that ACCA "recommends" rather than "insists" that an accountants report be filed with the abbreviated accounts, although please correct me if I am in error.

Although I generally follow what ACCA recommend, in this case I do not since I don't believe attaching an accountants report for the world to see makes any difference to my client and is certainly of no benefit to me.

It will be interesting to see whether ACCA's advice changes after 2013 when online filing of accounts becomes mandatory ... if indeed we are still filing accounts with Companies House then.

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27th Jun 2011 11:31


Phil & 010 (if I can be that familiar!) this came about as a result of a Quality Checked visit last July.  Although they didn't quote chapter & verse I was left in no doubt that ACCA required all accounts to carry a report.  I did point out that this seemed daft when we could electronically submit but they insisted.

My guess is that if we ask them to clarify they will say that, with full ixbrl submission coming, we will be able to submit with a report and so it's more a problem for the current Co's Hse process than it is for ACCA regs.

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27th Jun 2011 11:33

XBRL, Accountants report, CH

In 2013 the current XBRL filing regime at CH will be superceded by iXBRL filing which means you can, if you wish, include an AR.

To date CH have only received one set of iXBRL accounts (from us last September) and therefore as something not exactly mainstream,  it is not something we recommend.

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By Locutus
27th Jun 2011 12:04

Thanks Paul and Dave

I got a quality checked review 2 years ago.  I don't remember the question of filing accountants reports with abbreviated accounts coming up, although perhaps ACCA have now "hardened" their stance on the issue.  I know they are keen for the general public to be able to differentiate the work done by qualifieds and unqualifieds, so attaching a report helps that process.

Thanks ACCA for putting extra regulation where it's not needed!

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27th Jun 2011 12:25

Is the ACCA report DEFINITELY required?

I have to admit to filing online for most companies and not therefore attaching an ACCA report.

I know in VT as I am ACCA it automatically attaches an ACCA report into the abbreviateds. That I suppose is in line with Paul's original post.

I have looked at the ACCA rulebook and can't see a definitive answer, I would be keen to know if it is best practice or mandatory. I assume it is "best practice" as I - and I am sure many others - have not seen any commentary or received notification from the ACCA on this.

Any pointers would be welcome.


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27th Jun 2011 12:45

Horses mouth

Have sent a query on this off to Tecnical Services, so should have the answer by Christmas (2011)!

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27th Jun 2011 14:39

why wait for the horse.......

ACCA recommend the report is included, it is not mandatory. Their technical factsheet 163 details this as follows;

ACCA also strongly recommends that a copy of the ACCA accounts preparation report be included with the financial statements filed at Companies House, as such a report would increase the credibility of the financial information placed on public record and would differentiate the accounts from those prepared by firms and individuals who are not members of one of the CCAB bodies. The recommendation to include a copy of the ACCA accounts preparation report is also applicable to abbreviated accounts filed at Companies House

Looks like I beat the horse to an answer, maybe I should move jobs to work for the technical department .....

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27th Jun 2011 14:49

Well bolted Mr Ed

DD that's probably the only Factsheet I can qoute from and I missed it, well spotted.

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27th Jun 2011 15:26

I can't take the credit i'm afraid, it belongs to an earlier thr

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By Locutus
27th Jun 2011 17:29

Thank you Ding Dong ... even if you are not accepting credit

As it is only recommended, I think I will carry on filing electronically without an accountants report.

I'm not really interested in ACCA's politics of wanting to make the world a better place - potentially to my detriment!

I've probably got another 5 years until my next quality checked review and I will review my decision after implimentation of the updated iXBRL in 2013.  From 2013 I should be able to file electronically WITH an accountants report, if I so choose.

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01st Jul 2011 10:52

Small companies

By the By has anyone heard anymore about Vince Cables threat to abolish small companies accounts at CH?

Neil D

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01st Jul 2011 10:55

Accounts to Companies House

Companies House are still accepting paper abbreviated accounts.  There are plans for them to be filed on line but these are not yet in force.


The Provincial Tax Shop


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01st Jul 2011 11:51


To be accurate, it wasn't VC's idea it was EU's.

There's more to AWeb than Any Answers see:


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