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Power Surges

For those ladies like me of a certain age, how come my 'power surges' do not help my level of production.

I keep having to leave the office and stand in the court yard until these surges disappear.  What can be done?


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24th Feb 2012 15:05

Move your desk outside

That should do it.

PS no offence intended.  I too am female and judging by your name, not many years behind you so can expect all of that fun very soon....

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By Jimess
27th Feb 2012 14:29

Invest in a good fan......

Oh gosh I can so empathise with you,

I have a large fan in my office that provides the necessary cool breeze when needed.  I also went on HRT for about a year - thought I was doing great so came off it and things have now reverted back to power surges, but not quite as bad as previously.  There are three of us all of that certain age here so you can imagine what it is like.  There is not a whole lot you can do to stop the surges, but I have found that keeping off spicy food and alcohol helps and big fluffy jumpers are a total thing of the past - nice light cotton clothes have replaced heavy suits and a walk out at lunchtime stops the stress hormones building up.  It's a total drag being that certain age - it doesn't get any better very quickly but simple things can help.  I hope it soon settles down for you. 

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27th Feb 2012 14:38

Sense of humour?

I want to know who thought it would be funny to align these power surges and hormone rushes with those of our adolescent children.  That was just cruel.

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27th Feb 2012 15:24

It seems to take forever ...

... but it eventually stops happening.

I am past that stage (thank goodness) but my colleague has her fan on virtually non-stop.

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By Jimess
27th Feb 2012 15:49

Even worse are.....


Yes that is mean, and on the other side there are the elderly parents adding to the fray so you feel as if you are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Even worse are the memory lapses that come with the hormone rushes. I can remember numbers as easy as anything, but names just fly out of my head when I am in a hormone rush - it gets really embarassing when you are trying to impress a new client and you forget their name halfway through the meeting - I now always make sure I write the clients name down on my meeting pad right at the very start of  the meeting so that I always have the memory jog there ...... just in case. 

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27th Feb 2012 16:13


i already suffer from the memory lapses.  I work from home and clients will turn up on my doorstep with their books.  I open the door, know I should recognise them but for the life of me can't remember which client they are.  As soon as we pass that barrier, all is well - once I know who I am speaking to I could probably remember their date of birth and last year's tax liability, but the names and faces thing is my downfall....

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