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Practice Alternative - Help Please

Practice Alternative - Help Please

I had been in practice in the Merseyside area with a partner. My partner has moved back to consultancy work and I now find that in order to retain my practising certificate (CIMA), I need to name an alternative shoud anything untoward happen to me. I have approached some of the Accountants in the area, but it would appear that few firms are prepared to take on the role. Does anybody else have the same problem / or a solution?
paul tabron


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09th Apr 2008 09:20

CIMA North West MiP group
I would suggest you contact the CIMA MiP office in London and ask for the contact details of the CIMA north west MiP group. ITs a pretty active and friendly bunch and i am sure they will be able to find you someone to cover for you. only sorry i don;t have their details to give you myself

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