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practice management

practice management

Need sotware programme to keep details of clients-File numbers,client contacts,date job stared,date completed,employee doing the job,partners review,accounts signed off etc


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23rd Jun 2009 14:43

Have a look at
Drive by Relate-Software. Support is very good and this software includes the CRM function.

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By jdstone
23rd Jun 2009 15:10

PM Software
Having been let down when CSM imploded many years ago I set out to find best of breed solutions for all areas of the practice. When it came to PM software I eventually chose APS Advance, and I have had no regrets. If you are serious about managing the practice and driving the financial results then I believe that this solution, from a niche provider, will be the solution for you. With Practice IQ you have a flexible reporting format that may be tailored for your requirements and needless to say it comes with integrated timesheets and billing if that is for you. You can link to Office created documents, spreadsheets and emails, and link to a full document management suite if you wish.

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23rd Jun 2009 21:13

Integrated software
Hi ?? (hate not knowing who I'm talking to) you don't say what system you use for compliance work but if you don't use an integrated system then I strongly suggest you look at something that handles the lot, ie you put in one set of client data and everything, tax returns, accounts, work flow, deadline control, staff management, runs off it.
We use iris and we'd be lost without "Practice Management", in fact I'd go back to doing accounts on Excel before I lost PM.

Good Luck
Paul Scholes

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