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Practice management software

Practice management software

Hi everyone,

We run a small practice with around 100 small businesses, we really need a management software for the practice. had shopped around but prices are very high, what we need is a software that can store the workflow, service pricing, timesheet, etc

Please anyone with experience using a Practice management software give us an idea or recommendation...

Many thanks


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19th Feb 2016 14:40

This is a market where a lot of the offerings are similar, inflexible, overpriced for their functionality and don’t offer accountants what they really need.

I use Centre CRM and it does the job but I’m not amazed by it.

There’s definitely a gap in the market for a decent offering.

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19th Feb 2016 15:18

Digita Practice Management does what you want. They even have an advanced version.

I don't know what you think is a very high price.

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19th Feb 2016 15:22

Is integrated. Not a good solution for those that are not a fan of integrated systems.

Personally, I don’t like to engage with companies that are not transparent with their pricing. I want to see the pricing before I have to endure a demo with a sales rep.

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By inan
19th Feb 2016 20:00

I have been using it for 7 years and very happy with the software.

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19th Feb 2016 22:35


Another vote for BTC great software and excellent support.

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By Yalnif
20th Feb 2016 00:10

Whatsglide is an excellent online system for managing the workflow of your clients and staff.

You can set target dates, allocate tasks, note the stage of work such as records requested, job started, additional info requested through to accounts / tax having been filled.

You can create customised dashboards so that you can see at a glance what your current position is. One such function would be to see upcoming client filing deadline categorised as over due, due within 30 days, 60 days etc.

In addition to this, there is also the facility for staff members to record their time against specific clients. You are able to set varying charge out rates for different members of staff and clients, monitor WIP, allocated time to fixed fees and record fees raised.

Plus it is reasonably priced!!

I can't praise the system enough as it has helped me No end since our firm started using this a few months back, and is easy to use.

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20th Feb 2016 08:25

Pros and cons

What's Glide looks very good. It has a time and fees module I see.

I accept that Digita Practice Management really comes into it's own with integration but I think you can get around that by inputting a list of jobs and/or clients. It is easy to enter time using an Outlook style calendar and if you send out invoices you can immediately monitor profitability by running one of the default reports. Remember to get the Time & Fees module.


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20th Feb 2016 08:51

I'm sceptical of a recommendation by someone who joined the site just a few hours ago and has only made this comment.

Peter, how much is it got Digtita PM?

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By Yalnif
20th Feb 2016 14:00

Professional scepticism is a good thing :)

I signed up to post a question on accounts software for startups, and to see if anyone had experience of VT in relation to the new FRS

Just thought I would offer my opinion as I am asking for others. (Got to start somewhere)

Good look with your search for a practice management system.

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20th Feb 2016 09:06

Digita Practice Management

I pay £60 per month for Practice Management with Time & Fees.

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20th Feb 2016 13:19

What are people actually looking for in PM software?

I'd really really appreciate any comments over on this thread people


It comes up so often but i'm not so sure anybody knows exactly what they want from it.

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