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Printing copy of the tax return from HMRC

Printing copy of the tax return from HMRC

I have filed a few personal tax returns via HMRC website.

I cannot print or view a pdf copy of my returns. I get a message that 'Internet Explorer cannot excess the site' or something like that.

I wonder whether this is peculiar to my computer or everyone else has the same problem.

I can view an HTML version of the return but not the actual Return as it looks on paper.

Any comments eagerly anticipated.


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By Anonymous
28th Apr 2009 17:17

Online P60s etc
Yes, Annes solution is simple but effective and certainly worked for me with printing the online P60s after submitting a P35.

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28th Apr 2009 08:42

I had the same problem
before Xmas and reported it to HMRC. We tried all the usual solutions (as below) but no success. I chased many times. IE had worked fine in the past.

They did not come back to me until well after 31 January still with no solution.

In the meantime, out of desperation, I switched to Firefox which has been fine.

Having said that, IE is now working again.

Which is not much help except to to say that Firefox should definitely work, IE may work again in due course and do not expect a prompt response from HMRC.

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By Anonymous
27th Apr 2009 21:07

Me too
I got the same message when I tried to download a client listing from HMRC site,

Some of our clients have dropped off the system again, I know they were there at Christmas but they aren't now! How much time do I waste dealing with this each year??

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27th Apr 2009 19:40

No luck
I have tried what Anne suggested, No luck. May be by computer is at fault.

Thanks for all the comments

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27th Apr 2009 15:29

Further comments
I've just finished trying what the HMRC own helpline suggests; it's the same as Anne notes.
My problem was not being able to see and print P60s. I can now.
I can also see statements for personal clients.
None of this alters the fact that I've spent a long time trying to sort this and it sends the wrong message to my clients. "I've filed on line but you can't have any P60s" !!

Tony Ball

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27th Apr 2009 15:05

PDF Online return
I have been having the same problem.

I have just done what Anne has advised and it works.

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27th Apr 2009 14:55

Probably an http header problem - best report it

Internet Explorer is a bit fussy about what it is prepared to write to disk in order for Adobe Reader (and other applications) to read it. The usual way to solve it is by setting certain http header lines, which has to be done on the web server.

Changing your browser settings may be a good workaround, but it doesn't help the thousands of other people that are likely to be affected by the same problem.

I haven't tried loading PDFs from HMRC's portal myself, but I would recommend that someone who saw the problem should report it to HMRC online service. They will then pay their subcontractor to test it in Internet Explorer (which they should have done in the first place) and then they can look up how to fix the problem.

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By Anonymous
27th Apr 2009 08:22

.pdf files
I don't know if this also affects viewing the return but I was never able to view the pdf statements and this is what solved that problem.

Go into Tools then Internet options. Select the advanced tab and scroll down until you reach the security heading. There is a box titled "do not save encrypted pages to disk" this needs to be ticked. Then save and come out.

This certainly solved my original problem and I can also view returns. It might also be your problem. Hope it helps.

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By Anonymous
26th Apr 2009 21:32

Try Mozilla Firefox
I had similar problems when I used the HMRC website just to do my own TR using Internet Explorer. I tried using Mozilla Firefox and all was fine.

I am sure someone who has much greater IT skills than me can explain why but this should help.

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