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Printing HMRC PDF forms without completing

Printing HMRC PDF forms without completing


Trying to print a CF10 for a client, don't know all the answers yet so I filled in what I knew and went to print.  Can't do it, form must be complete to print (then it crashed).

Tried again with a blank form, same message, crash.

I just want a blank form! #cries#


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By DMGbus
04th Jan 2011 13:33

Enter "0" then print then Tippex then scan

This is how I'd tackle the problem:-

Enter data where data is demanded - inputting the minimum allowed data - say a full stop or a dash or a zero if the form permits it.Print off the form as completed above.Apply Tippex to the relevant completed data.Scan the form (after the Tippex has dried) and store on your computer for future use.

A bit of a burdensome workaround, but probably cheaper than going for $Adobe$'s £400+ full .pdf product which may (or may not) be able to overcome the problem.


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04th Jan 2011 14:18

It saves it blank

It saves the blank form, and when you open that it again won't let you print if anything is missing.

I'll work around it.

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By ACDWebb
04th Jan 2011 14:20

Even saved locally

it is unlikely that you will be able to save a PDF with entries made in input boxes available on the form, unless you have a full copy of Adobe Acrobat, not just Reader.

Or get the free Hotdocs Player and download the CF10 from CapForm


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06th Jan 2011 10:39

Fior what its worth

I have already taken up this point with HMRC.  Although it was not said I feel that HMRC think that it is sole traders who complete most of the forms, not us accountants.  I did point out that the system they proposed just would not work since it would mean contacting the client twice.  Once to get info for the form and then back to him for a signature.

I did suggest that we could have blank forms in our portal but I did not feel that the lady with whom I corresponded knew what I was talking about.

The HMRC idea is to reduce the number of incomplete/forms with errors.  My personal feels are that a re-design of the forms with a logical follow through would be a better option or as I suggested.  No signature but a letter from HMRC after receipt saying this is what we have received was another suggestion

My initial question/comment was about the new CWF1 but I notice it also applies to the notification of Partnerships/LLP a 300 something form.

This is probally something that Rebecca has under control but if not

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06th Jan 2011 10:39

Screen shot

If you can get your screen to show a full page of the pdf, then MS OneNote would be a good bet for you!

You can take screen shots of any, or all of the screen that you desire incredibly easily, and OneNote works like a shelf of files, each file having dividers etc - I have been using it for a couple of years now and it's a piece of software I wouldn't want to be without!

Alternatively, have you just tried something as simple as PrtScn on your keyboard, taking the image into an application like PAINT and printing from there?


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06th Jan 2011 10:58


I do the same thing with all the tax documents ...

1. take a screen shot of just the document I want to copy

2. then paste the screenshot into a good desktop publishing programme ... since I use a Mac, I use the Pages word processor for this (even though I usually use Word for everything else), since Pages has some desktop layout features which I find useful for this type of thing ....

3. and then relegate the screenshot to the background, make sure that "text runaround" is unchecked, and just type in where I want, altering the line spacing to fit the copied screenshot boxes as appropriate.

Works a treat, doesn't take too long, and then you have the document tenplate ready for all future occasions. True, this is a hassle for a one-off, but I enjoy doing this sort of thing, working around problems without spending a fortune.-- KH

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06th Jan 2011 11:28

Printing blank form

Save the form to your computer as a pdf... print... simples 


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06th Jan 2011 12:00

Get something like Nova PDF

I use Nova PDF which you can download and buy for a small sum.

This works in the same way as printing to your ordinary printer, you just select Nova PDF from the available printers list. It creates a file which you can then print off, or email to a client.

This will also work with any software from which you can pront. For instance I use it with Excel to create documents to send to clients who either don't use Excel or where you want to send a spreadsheet which the client cannot start changing.

You can download Nova PDF from here

You will probably only need the Nova PDF lite version at a cost of $19.95

There are other equivalent PDF creators.


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By ACDWebb
06th Jan 2011 12:14

I don't think any of the recent answers help much

when it comes to saving a part completed form, which was the original query.

Printing to PDF will give you a part completed form without the input boxes in the HMRC version, so you cannot come back later and fill in the blanks.

You can with free HotDocs form filler so long as they have a version of the form (and if you register for the free forms download there are a lot of forms, both HMRC , Co House and other)

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06th Jan 2011 12:49

Foxit pdf reader has typewriter.

Foxit reader has extensive typing facilities for any pdf.




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By satprof
06th Jan 2011 16:29

Non-space workround

 The issue here is that printing is actually disabled unless all the required fields are 'correctly' completed. In Windows, there is a (slightly) technical workround for fields that are purely alphabetic, but you do need a keyboard with a numeric keypad, with NumLock on. (It also works for laptops so long as you know how to use the 'NumLock' capability.) All you do is enter 255 (one after the other) whilst holding down the Alt key. This provides what is called a non-space space, which is enough to satisfy the validation that data has been entered into the field, but which still prints as a space.

This mechanism is not limited to PDFs, but can normally be used whenever you need a field to print as blank but where the system refuses to accept blank data. On the other hand, the CF10 actually requires some of the fields, such as dates & NI no. to be in a valid format. 01011988 & AA111111A seem to work for these. (I have successfully tried this on a dummy CF10.)

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06th Jan 2011 16:36


Adobe Acrobat has a "snap shot" tool which is not disabled in this document.  With this you copy & past a screen shot of each page into say a word doc & then print it out.

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By ACDWebb
06th Jan 2011 18:08


Also just found that US Tax forms in fillable PDF seem to allow saving entries, which I had always understood was not possible with such a PDF document unless one had a full version of Acrobat. Apparently not. You learn something new every day!

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06th Jan 2011 23:46

Depends on what the author wants

When producing a PDF in Acrobat you are given various choices to enable the reader access not only to printing and saving functions but also editing functions.  This is essential in collaborative and project based documents where most will only have access to "readers". 

Given how cheap Acrobat now is it's a great investment.

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07th Jan 2011 08:56


This got more responses than I expected!  Thank you all for your input.

I eventually just put a dot where I had to and used tip-ex, but it was a pain as I ended up having to do it in every cell to be safe (as if I missed one the form crashed).

A better idea would be for it to just say 'you know you have missed a box right?' and let you print anyway.  That would reduce incomplete forms as the average Joe Public would go back and correct, but if it was intentional then you could still print.


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