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Problem with saving in Excel 2000

Problem with saving in Excel 2000

When I open an excel file on excel 2000, and make no changes, then close the file, Excel comes up with the standard message "do you want to save the changes". But I have not made any changes. Which setting do I have to tweak to correct this?
David Honneyman


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By AKing
21st Apr 2005 11:13

Same issue on Windows XP
This problem has started happening on my PC within the last week.

I haven't been able to solve it yet, but think it was caused when I installed one of Microsoft's updates to Office - but I haven't identified which component it is yet.

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24th Mar 2005 11:56

Volatile and default template
A possible reason in 2 stages.
(1) if your workbok has Volatile Functions (see list on http://www.decisionmodels.com/calcsecretsi.htm) you will have this problem.
AND (2) as this happens for you on a new workbook, check that the default workbook Excel uses as a template for New does not have any Volatile Functions, or anything, in it.

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24th Mar 2005 12:22

Default Excel template
David, you find the template Excel uses for New here
C:\Documents and settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\Book.xlt
Replace that with a *completely clean* workbook template.

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21st Mar 2005 12:57

Earlier version of Excel
Microsoft Office XP helpfully includes the following self-explanatory message (after "Do you want to save ...?"):
"Microsoft Excel recalculates formulas when opening files last saved by an earlier version of Excel."

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By neileg
21st Mar 2005 12:59

I think it's because Excel 2000 recalculates any sheet with a different version number when it opens. Even if this produces no differences in the calculations, it sets some flag in the background and so the file isn't identical to the one that was opened, hence the message box.

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20th Mar 2005 15:31

Any VBA modules in it?
Does it prompt you that it contains macros (whether or not used) when opening the file? If so I think it will always assume that there have been changes (assuming you accept the prompt to enable macros, not sure if you disable). In that case you can enter some code to fool it into thinking that there have been no changes, but I suspect this is not relevant to your case.

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23rd Mar 2005 23:16

It happens on opening Excel
Thanks for your help.

There are no macros, VBA modules, links or dates to be updated. The files I open were created on the same computer, by the same programme that opens them and is causing the problem. All Excel files are affected by this problem.

If I open the programme Excel, not by opening an existing file, then the same problem occurs with the blank 3 sheet workbook that opens then. If I close this workbook, I get the message "Do you want to save the changes". Also it should automatically delete when an existing file is opened, but it does not.

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20th Mar 2005 07:32

Fields and links?
Probably a daft question but have you checked that there are no fields such as the date or any links that get updated as soon as you open the file?

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24th Mar 2005 11:55

Have you changed the active cell?
I think that if you change the active Excel thinks that you have modified the worksheet.

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