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Professional Wellbeing

The government plans to measure our can go first click here to check out your score. 

I am starting to build up some numbers and will soon be able to publish a Wellbeing report so you can compare your numbers to the average. 

Bob Harper

Portfolio Marketing for Accountants


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16th Nov 2010 15:39


Isn't this just advertising?

What are "costumers"?

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16th Nov 2010 16:12

Some people are funny

@thisistibi - no advertising is when you pay for an advert and try to make a sale. 

Costumers are people who wear funny clothes and pay you money.

Bob Harper

Marketing for Accountants


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I'm really content ...

unless people ask me to complete surveys. Sorry Bob.

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16th Nov 2010 16:58


@Steve - it’s not quite a survey, the bonus is that there a report which provides suggestions on how to improve the score. But if you are content with being content then I suggest you ignore the opportunity.

Bob Harper

Portfolio Marketing for Accountants 

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16th Nov 2010 17:46

How long is a piece of string, and what does it prove.

How do you judge "content"?

Some people are content with a roof over their head and a full stomach, some are only content once they are millionairres, and others wont ever be content until they achieve world peace.

Contentment can't be measured even in our "one size fits all" world.


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16th Nov 2010 17:50

Had a brief look

It looked interesting and professional, just didn't have time to do it. Hopefully I will return to it another day.

-- Kind regards Andy

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16th Nov 2010 18:10

Professional wellbeing

This should be monitored as closely as profit and cashflow.

A healthy owner is more important than a healthy balance sheet, money can always be replaced but other things are more easily broken and can't be.

No point doing work you don't like, for people that you don't like, under stresses that you can't handle.

You're a long time dead.

I got 73% by the way - is that good? :)


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16th Nov 2010 18:59

Top marks

@Jason - 73% is a good score and I agree monitoring this is more important than the profit or cashflow. What I have found is that the older I get the less profit and cashflow I need to get a high score.

Bob Harper

Portfolio marketing 

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