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PTP transfer to new computer

PTP transfer to new computer

Happy Bank Holiday, everyone.  Quick question for those who are working over the long weekend.

I have PTP tax software on my old laptop.  I have installed it on my new laptop.  What's the most straightforward way to load the database onto the new machine?

I've tried copying the backup files onto the new machine, but upon trying to restore them I get the message: error - can't find backup file, even though PTP has just warned me of the date of the backup to be restored and checked that I want to continue. 

Obviously PTP support will be open again on Wednesday, but until then - any idea?




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By Locutus
04th Jun 2012 19:47

I've transferred PTP corporation tax to another computer before

I've never really found the backup system in PTP much use, so I never did it that way.  As I recall, here's how I transferred the data: -

1.  On the new computer, install the PTP program from the installation disks.

2.  On the old computer find a folder called "PTPData" and copy it onto a memory stick or some other removeable media.

3.  On the new computer find the same folder called "PTPData" and overwrite it with the data held on the memory stick / removeable media.

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05th Jun 2012 10:33


Thanks for that painless solution, 0103953.  All now works.

I have to say, though, the new PTP 2012 personal tax is running like a slug.  My friend had the same problem and I thought it might just be his old PC giving out, but it's just as bad on my new laptop.


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By seitler
to DMBAcc
05th Jun 2012 21:45

s l o w

Yes I have also found 2012  v.slow. I have been using PTP for over 10 years and this is the slowest I'ver found it. Hopefully they'll sort it on a future update otherwise will drive us all mad come January

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By Locutus
06th Jun 2012 09:00

You two are too fast ... I haven't done any 2012 tax returns yet, so wouldn't know whether it has slowed down!

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