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Quickbooks 2004 Trial Balance

Quickbooks 2004 Trial Balance

I am trying to run a QB trial balance between a given range of dates, my financial year. I am not an accountant.

My QB financial year is set from April to March, but my actual year is 06/04 to 05/04

On some but not all P&L accounts it is carrying forward a balance. Why?

The only thing I can see is that the figures it is bringing forward were entered after the 06/04, although they were dated pre 06/04. I am confident this is not the problem.

Any ideas,



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06th May 2010 20:40

QB financial year is in whole months only

Quickbooks defines its FY in whole months only. I suspect there are transactions dated between 1st and 5th April, and QB would regard these as b/fwd on its Trial Balance for a part month.

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07th May 2010 13:36

the above is correct

QB deals only with whole months so there will be an entry as mentioned

there is a concession that you can use 31/03 year end as a 05/04 year end so dont waste time on this 

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08th May 2010 17:34

Confident or right?

I am confident this is not the problem."

You are the only one.

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By paul.k2
10th May 2010 13:06


Thank you for your replies. I continued to work on the problem after the post and realised that the problem was to do with whole months.

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