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quickbooks to moneysoft

quickbooks to moneysoft

We have moved from Quickbooks 2010 to Moneysoft for payroll only. Is there a way of importing names, addresses, Ni number etc,?


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By alattax
16th Apr 2012 22:20

Yes, as long as you can export to a csv file from Quickbooks. You can then import the csv file data into Moneysoft.

I don't think there is a direct route, but you could check with Moneysoft support who are speedy and helpful.



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to johngroganjga
16th Apr 2012 23:41

I have asked them and they said export into moneysoft from QB but they said they dont have QB knowledge so couldnt say how to do that. If anyone knows how to export out of QB let me know. There is an export to excel button on some screens but I cant see it on any of the payroll ones.

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