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Quickbooks to Xero Conversion

Does anyone know of a service that converts Quickbooks files to Xero? I have emailed click2convert but had no reply. They told me earlier this year that they were not yet covering the UK. Adrian Pearson is going to start doing it but hasn't started yet.


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have a look at this guide to DIY

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Good last resort

I was hoping to get someone to do it for me, but if I can't, the DIY guide will be very useful.  Thank you BigBdWolf.

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Perhaps you can Beta test

Perhaps you can contact Adrian Pearson - and help beta test his Quickbooks service - thereby getting your conversion done and helping him with his product testing? 

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Not quite ready for beta testing just yet!

Hi Tom and Mr Wolf,

We are not yet ready to process any QuickBooks conversion tests just yet but thanks.

Movemybooks currently handles Sage to Xero conversions only. We expect to support Quickbooks very soon, but I can't give a firm date.

As soon as we are ready to test, I will let you know Tom.



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These guys might be able to help

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Movemybooks were going to roll out a quickbook conversion - may be worth a quick email to them

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apologies ....

sorry, da, didn't read earlier post ... have you tried contacting  ?

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@gaylebuchanan re

@gaylebuchanan - do it. Thanks.

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Thanks to everyone else too.

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They're very expensive though.

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Free Service Calculator - check if you are charging correctly

Are you charging enough for your services? This quick free software may be an eye opener!


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Transfer to Xero

We are able to offer this service - please PM me for details

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Edit: not sure if they do quickbooks - website only mentions MYOB


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Thanks BigBadWolf. I have just emailed them.

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quick update on

Click2convert have updated their services

now full transactions available if you have a customer wanting full history bought thru into Xero

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Anything to Xero Conversion Service - UK


I am able to provide conversion from Quickbooks (and most other packages) to Xero. Quick and efficient service provided. Contact Ledgerlink 

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