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Reclaiming VAT on all mileage claims? Which system?

Reclaiming VAT on all mileage claims? Which...

Dear All,

Is your company reclaiming VAT on all mileage claims?

Although my company only employs 25 people, through our own software we have claimed back over several £1,000's in VAT on petrol for staff claiming a “mileage rate” for business travel.

I would be really interested to hear people's comments on this, because we are looking to market our Expenses system specifically towards people who want to use it in this way.

- Would anyone be interested in finding out how to record mileage and reclaim the VAT easily?
- Are there any Accountancy Practices who would like to partner with us to deliver this to their clients?

As well as leaving a comment, I would like to invite you to get you in touch with our Financial Director to discuss this in more detail, so please don't hesitate to drop an email to ondemand[a] (please entitle your email 'MILEAGE RATE' so I can look out for you).

I hope that this is of interest. (Please visit




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By Anonymous
19th Jun 2009 16:20

We give clients an excel spreadsheet and protect the cells and off they go, didn’t realize some thought this was difficult?

Holden Associates
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19th Jun 2009 16:52

Thank you for your reply... a few points:
You're right Excel is easy to use, for inputting Expenses (albeit prone to human error and not very secure).
However for Reporting, it's not as robust.
Also for more complex Expenses Reclaim, it simply isn''t up to the job.
I recently completed an implemetation for a small but multinational Consultancy who had staff travelling all around Europe. They had people booking hotels in Hungary travelling to Denmark, driving in Ireland etc etc.
All of the resulting Expense claims had different VAT Rates and Codes and it took ages to manage the reclaim of Sales Tax from this. With our system it's all automated, each Expense Claim has the appropriate VAT rate against each line now.
Also our system is web-based, so you can submit Expenses to your Manager whilst travelling or when you get home and you can use another laptop/PC if your not with your business one (avoiding multiple copies of the same Expense sheet).
We have an Approval and Pay process and Locking mechanism (for any expenses pre-dating you last claim).
All shared information (such as VAT rate) can be changed centrally.
You can also manage how you recharge your Expenses to the client in our system and produce the invoice.
We are talking to three major UK Accountancy Firms who want to provide this to their clients and benefit from Professional Services and Licensing Revenue.
I'd be really keen to discuss this with you if it is of interest, if so please give me a call on 01274 863 300 (ask for Neil).

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19th Jun 2009 17:03

Ah, so this is an advertisement?
You only mentioned in your posting about mileage and reclaiming of VAT thereon, so this is what I answered.

Nothing was mentioned about other expenses!

Also, you should be posting this in the opportunities section not any answers.

Holden Associates
A Blog for Small Business

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19th Jun 2009 18:20

Just needed some advice
No this wasn't an advertisement. I need advice on how to approach this topic with customers and partners. Your feedback re Excel is valuable and since you were challenging the need to look at alternatives to Excel, it's offered me an opportunity to explain why spreadsheets might not quite cut it for complex requirements.
Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. Have a good weekend.
Regards, Neil

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