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Recomended accounting software

Does anyone have any sensible suggestions;

I have a client in need of a new accounting system as Sage 50 is not meeting their requirements. I've looked at Quickbooks which seems to have the same problems, for example neither Sage nor Quickbooks can deal with currencies and VAT cash accounting at the same time.

We need a system that can deal with all the following:

Turnover £300,000 pa but expected to grow

Multicurrency sales and purchases

Revaluing currency debtors and creditors at the end of the reporting period to reflect rate changes

VAT cash accounting, there are no EU purchases to complicate the calculations

Stock control

Multiple warehouses

Thank you 


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TAS Books?

I'm not sure if TAS Books has the specific features you require (I don't use it currently) but I used it in a previous role and thought quite highly of it

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Xero ?

Have you had a look at Xero, a web based program?

I have used its multi-currency feature for one of our clients and works brilliantly, has a lot of other useful features too.

I find it better than QB and Sage in most circumstances.

They do a free trial if you haven't used it before. 




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May be - Acceptum Business Management and Accounting software


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I use AccountsIQ, another online package which can deal effectively with multi-currencies. It has a function whereby closing creditors and debtors are retranslated at the closing rate.

I haven't used the stock module.

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Recomended accounting software


Recommendations made by my fellow friends might be true. However, my experience says Sage is able to do what you are looking for say. Multicurrencies, Stock, VAT & Standard accounting systems. I worked in practice for 4 years where we were using Sage & currenctly we are using sage for multicurrency transaction.

Many thanks!!




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Another vote for Xero, multi currency module is great.

Has full API capabilities so if a stock module has the same they can be integrated fairly easily.

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Thanks for your suggestions I will follow these up.

njpandya one of the problems with Sage, as confirmed by Sage themselves, is that it gives the choice of either VAT cash accounting OR multi currency, my client needs both

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Xero + Unleashed

Xero for accounting + Unleashed for stock control - they sync well together - but a little expensive.

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FreeAgent would cope with most of this very nicely the only query I would have would be multiple warehouses, but you could take a look anyway?



-- Accounting the PaperLess way™

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This maybe too late, but Encore from Anagram Systems would be a very good candidate for your client.

I do work with them, so there is a level of bias here, but given what your client is looking for Encore does fit the bill.

VAT Cash Accounting and Multi-Currencies can be handled simultaneously.

Stock Control is at Encore's core and is therefore completely covered, as are multiple locations and warehouses.

Rate change reviews are handled.

You haven't mentioned if they are a manufacturer, distributor or a retailer, but in any case, Encore has the feature set you are looking for.

To find out more about their Stock Control and Accounting Software, click here

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I find Xero very complicated. It makes editing very difficult. There is no support. Am I the only one who think so? 

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