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Recommendation for Multi function printer

I'll be grateful for recommendations/comments as what to buy in relation to the following requirements (by all means, question the requirements!!):

  • Colour - as I wish to print my own letterhead (for the rare occasions I need to do this - as low as 1 to 2 a month)
  • Laser - I understand there could be an issue with inkjets drying up if not used regularly
  • Good quality scanner - as often need to scan and email
  • Reliable ADF  - I sometimes need to scan in more than a dozen items at a time
  • Reasonable running costs
  • Able to be placed on a desk (so not too heavy)

I don't need a copy facility or a fax, but OK if these are part of the machine. Price range up to approx £600+vat (I know that might seem high, but happy to spend for quality and convenience) .


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HP CM2320nf

We have the above which does more than you need.  It is typical HP quality and prints are very good quality.  This model is £743 on Amazon but they do another version here for <£500 

The difference is that the 'n' in the code means that it is networkable, which I guess you don't need.


P.S.  It is, as are most of these, quite big!  Make sure you actually see one before you buy.

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Thanks Richard, much appreciated.

The height seems to be 65cm - is that OK to place on top of a table?

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That looks like a good printer.

do beware that if you buy a colour printer and don't use the colour, you will end up spending loads of time cleaning the print heads and wasting ink and paper trying to get the colour to work after a period of only printing in black.

If you don't need the networking function it might be handy to have wireless printing (which may allow you to print from an Ipad/Laptop e.t.c) which is becoming more and more popular.

If you are interested in any Dell printers let me know!


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Never mind the quality, feel the width!

The height isn't really the issue, it's the footprint that takes up the space.  It would be a bit big to have on a desk that is also your workspace; better to have another small table.  It would sit nicely on top of a low filing cabinet!

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Thanks again

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I am really pleased ...

... with my brother DCP-9055CDN,  got a good deal with cashback so only cost @£250, it is quite big, but any colour laser will be.

I thought even when printing mono they mix some colour in!

Holds 300 sheets, plus 50 in the sheet feeder plus you can buy a 500 sheet additional tray, but that makes it very tall.

ADF scanner/copier is superb, as is speed.It is reasonably quiet.

Costs about £300 to re-fill but they do last a good while.

The CDN stands for Colour Duplex (it is auto duplex) Network

On decent paper the colour printing is as good as a photo printer.

EDIT - sorry 250 + 50 sheets capacity

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Thanks OGA, could I ask please what the £300 cost means - is that for replacing all cartridges, and how many prints do these roughly last for?

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are my equal-first choice when it comes to printers (with HP).

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Since my 7 year old Brother inkjet MFC ...

... packed up and they sent me a brand new equivalent for free because it was design fault I have never used another brand!

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Yes, all cartridges with high yield.

I get mine here (you will have belt, drum and toner trays too at some point)

They are good for the machines too (it is where i got mine - just seen the current deal may get another!)


 It is my home office printer so hard to judge usage, depends on how much art homework my son has and how crafty the wife has been!

I purchased it Jan 2011 and think I have re-filled it twice.




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Thanks again OGA

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Brother DCP-9010CN

I have just come across the Brother DCP-9010CN which seems to have the following differences:

Is smaller height by around 9cm16ppm rather than 24ppmNo duplex

Otherwise very similar - would be interested to hear from anyone who has this, and perhaps why OGA decided against this model.


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Because ...

... I wanted auto duplex!

It also has less memory, and is more expensive as it doesn't have the cash back option!

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Yes, I did spot it was more expensive taking the cashback into account; I'm tempted because the height is a concern for me as it needs to be placed on a desk near me.

Is duplex really that useful, given the need for printing is much reduced now? My actual printing will mostly be letterhead.


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Two for the price of one

I've always taken a different route.

Toner for colour lasers is expensive, so, I use a Brother mono laser, and have a Kodak colour inkjet for photos or the odd occasion I need colour.

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Thanks, my need for colour is solely to be able to print letterhead on the rare occasion I need to do this; I understand inkjet printers can dry up if not used regularly and hence my opting for laser (albeit expensive and seemingly overkill)

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Try our Business Buyer's Guides to Printers

Two versions are available. The desktop edition will probably be most relevant, but there are also a couple of interesting sub £600 models recommended in our workgroup/enterprise edition.

The models suggested by other AccountingWEB members include:

OKI MC361DN (£545)SAMSUNG CLX-3185FW (£262)XEROX WORKCENTRE 6015N (£222)Canon imageRUNNER C2030i (£522)

Good luck with your quest and do let us know which one you opt for in the end.

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Thanks John, very useful

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Yes, for me ...

... duplex is very useful and I would not want a printer that didn't have auto duplex - it is my number one must have and I won't look further at any printer that doesn't tick that box.

It is not that expensive to have letterheads printed, if you use that few wouldn't it be cheaper to have a couple of reams printed that would last you many years?

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HP OfficeJet 8600 Plus..
Great all-rounder. No issues with ink dry after weeks dormant.

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Thanks cparker, that looks very interesting.

Do colour printed letterheads (meaning printed on blank paper, not onto printed stationery) look as good as laser printed ones (or near enough)?

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If you go to a good printer ...

... yes, there are many bad printers.

You need Litho print, not thermaprint or you may get problems with the letterhead being re-heated by the laser printer

If you are going to print your own letterheads on a laser printer I believe you need to print at the same time as the letter. If you print the letterhead to overprint the letter on again you may get problems with the letterhead from being re-heated by the printer.

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Thanks OGA, I would create a letterhead template in Word and print in one go (not pre print the letterhead).

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Dell 310 at £39 --price of

Dell 310 at £39 --price of inkjet cartridge !

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We have two MFUs

Our requirements were simple - everything all in. Laser, print, scan, fax, duplex, USB and network, auto document feeder, reliable and inexpensive to run. After many years we ditched ink jets and moved to laser for the superior print quality and reliability. 

Our first MFU was a Canon -i-sensys MF4690PL bought in 2008 for £250 ex vat and came with free 3 years next day on site warranty. This a mono MFU which does all of the above. Extremely reliable and compatible toners cost around £30 ex vat. We get between 2500 to 3500 pages per cartridge which last us from 3 to 5 months. This is our little workhorse for all mono prints. I have found it far more cost effective to put mono prints through a mono printer and save the colour prints for the colour printer. Otherwise you get though colour toners and wear out the colour printer more quickly unnecessarily.

When our colour printer recently gave up the ghost I looked round for an equivalent MFU. I chose the Ricoh Aficio SP-240SF at £234 ex vat and we got £50 back from Ricoh resulting in a true cost to us of £184 ex vat. This MFU does all the above but it can also scan to any PC via the network. The above Canon can only scan via USB to one PC. This machine has cannot be faulted for the money and has proved reliable in the 3 months we have had it. It was shipped with starter toners for about 1000 pages each. The full toners capacities are around 2300. In 3 months the colours are down to about 50% (that's 500 pages) and the black is almost spent. Just purchased an OEM one for £42 ex vat, colours are a bit more expensive.

Don't regret purchasing either of these and with two MFUs we have backup for scanning, faxing and mono printing. I wouldn't be without duplexing which saves a lot of paper and subsequent storage space. Like you I print our colour letterhead on all our letters but the Canon mono is the main workhorse. Both machines are reasonably fast for a small office. Both have a half ream paper bin with a single sheet feed tray as well, Both print envelopes, etc. Can't think of anything they can't do that I (or you) might need.

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Squay, thanks for that helpful detail

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Re Duplex

OGA is absolutely correct at wanting auto duplex.  Despite what you may think you will waste more time than you would believe without it and there is the danger of scanning only one side.

If you budget is big enough get a scanner bigger than A4.  This is because a fair number of documents are A4 +, like Lloyds Bank Statements.  With A3 you can scan in landscape and then rotate the image, as necessary.  This can be done with adobe acrobat and Nito professional to name two types of software.


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Colour Printer

OKI are great - easy to maintain - never had a service call - drums, toner, belts et al a breeze to change. Fantastic colour and well suited for letter head.


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I bought the samsung suggested by John without the auto duplex - it did my head in... it was also small on paper capacity & seems more home office than business machine (not very robust I can imagine breaking the paperfeed tray in quick time), so I relegated it and bought a lexmark 544 (duplex/network) its really fast - its not pretty but it does the job and was only about £300 plus vat. scanning good too, also has an optional second paper feedtray if thats any use

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Re: MFD's / MFP's

The biggest problem regardless of usage on all desktop machines is the toner/cartridge costs, they can be astronomical and the non-genuine inks usually ruin the machine. I'd find a supplier that'll offer a service contract on a desktop. Much cheaper CPC and no need to buy/order ink/toner or replacement parts.

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