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Recommendations for Ross Martin Tax consultancy

I have signed up for the free Ross Martin newsletters etc and have been looking around the free part of the website.

I am pretty impressed so far, and was wondering if anyone else had subscribed for the full service and what they thought of it.

Is is aimed at accountants/tax advisors or non accountants?



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I find it useful

I find the website subscription products useful reference. I am in practice but can't say am an expert so I regularly refer to this website.


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Very good website

I have subscribed to Ross Martin website and find the tax guides extremely useful. The regular email updates are very helpful too.

I would definitely recommend this website.


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I have a subscription

I subscribed to the forerunner of this as well when it was first marketed through dcode. At the time I found the sheets extremely useful.

What Nichola has developed since then is excellent reference material including crib sheets and checklists as well a clear reference to tax cases where applicable. I find it much easier than wading through tax reference books for many things.

And there is much more that I'm told will be added in due course.

The subscription is aimed at accountants/tax advisors but the information is written in such a clear, concise and easy to read manner that it could be used by non accountants as well.


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Excellent content and excellent value

I subscribed and the thing that impresses me most is that it is written in plain English and is easy to understand. Most of the work I deal with is fairly basic stuff so it is really helpful to have expert help in this form when it is needed. With so much of the tax legislation open to interpretation I also find it really helpful to check my own understanding on a particular point.

The guides are presented very well so that you can see the main content and overview at a glance and then drill into the full detail as necessary.

The content is also growing so if their is something you need that is not covered it may well be in the pipe line and if not you can always email a question.

I would highly recommend the full service.

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We subscribe to this service and find it usefull. There are a number of usefull guides explained well and they are being added to.


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Nicola is a regular on AW

As you already probably know,  Nicola is a former editor of AW and still regularly contributes to the forum. Most Any Answer threads have her expert comments which demonstrate her indepth knowledge of tax.

As the previous posts mention more content is being added to the site - all value for money



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Nichola Ross Martin Tax Consultancy Ltd

I have subscribed to this website and find it very useful. It is well written and succinct. It is also extremely relevant to our type of client, namely small to medium size family businesses and there are lots of useful and informative links.

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Nicola Ross Martin

I've just paid my £300 for full subs as I was impressed with the free stuff and wanted access to the rest.  The site seems to be growing all the time and so far I've saved many times what I've paid in research time.  I'm a practicing accountant, sole trader with 4 staff.  My clients are all small businesses wanting to do the things small businessmen always want to do - claim as many expenses that they can and pay as little tax as possible.  For me it's the basic stuff that I've always intended to sit down and write up a couple of pages about but have never had the time  - travel, subsistence, entertaining, P11ds, etc.  There's also the problem of keeping it up to date.  The newsletter is great, it seems mostly relevant so I'm not wasting my time.  I thought about the price but having spent many (non chargeable) hours on the web looking through HMRC manuals and comparing it to some of the books I buy each year, the price is very reasonable. I recommend it.

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Nichola Ross Martin

I am a sole practitioner with no staff.  I  subscribed several months ago and have found Nichola's tax consultancy to be an immensely useful resource. Well worth the money, and as other posters have said it certainly saves a lot of faffing about with textbooks and HMRC manuals. Highly recommended.


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a great source of information

I subscribed and am just trawling through the information and find it really good. I'm sure I will never miss a tax planning opportuniy now I have subscribed to this. Well done Nichola for a great resource!


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I am a subscriber also

 I have signed up with Nichola's site and it is money well spent.  I am a small sole practice with a mix of small clients.  So far her site has provided me with the technical support I have needed.  The checklists are really good and it is great having everything in one place and being certain of its technical merit.

Have also emailed Nichola direct with a tax query.  She is quick to respond. 

In summary - her site is excellent, informative and logical and is excellent value for money.



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Nicola Ross Martin

We have recently subscribed to Nicola's website and find it well presented and easy to follow. The tax guides and regular tax updates are very useful save a great deal of research time.



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A lot of good feedback, however I do get fed up with the constant self promotion on all her posts. 

Sorry, just my opinion!

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Why not?

If she has invested her effort and time in this brilliant website then why shouldn't she promote it? I see nothing wrong in this. I would do the same if I had her expertise.

Just my opinion

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Helpful Website

Anything which helps you know what you don't know and keeps you updated - has to be good!

I understand a lot of work has gone into developing this website and this shows - it is a continual evolving creation, and Nichola is willing to listen to comments and produce guides on topics if requested.

There's such a lot of material in there already, I would recommend it and I'm sure non accountants would understand most of it too.



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I subscribed Yesterday

I subscribed yesterday, after looking at the website and speaking to Nichola. For me the package is just right. Complicated tax info in every day langauge. Soundig like an advert!

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Shaun - ICPA member

Shaun I remember you are also an ICPA member you praised their tax helpline as well. If their ICPA tax helpline is so good why have you also subscribed to Nichola's website as well?

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Ross Martin Tax Consultancy - excellent service

I have subscribed to the website and used Nichola's excellent consultancy service for the last four months.

I have found all aspects of the service very useful.  I am a partner in a relatively new start-up practice based in East Anglia with three partners.  Recently our CTA qualified partner left and I have found Nichola invaluable in providing a service for me to discuss more complex tax matters with and; crucially she will actually give you her opinion based on the facts you tell her about issues.  She has certainly more than adequately replaced the advice I was getting from my old CTA colleague and on a known hourly cost basis.  Also usefully Nichola is very well connected in the tax advisory sector so if she doesn't feel comfortable advising on a point she will often know who to turn to.

I would certainly endorse her as providing a 'virtual tax partner service' for general practice.

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Good replacement for Franchisor

I was a franchisee, the tax advice I received varied with who was available that day. In the main hat I got was read this page of HMRC page. Yes I can read but I did not understand!

With the service Ross Martin - it is written in a language I understand. If after reading this I had queries, I just need to call/email.

DONT JOIN A FRANCHISE - Tax and marketing are the two key areas you need. You have found tax, I am sure marketing is offered as an outsource by someone else.

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reply to one of the many "anonymous"

"Shaun I remember you are also an ICPA member you praised their tax helpline as well. If their ICPA tax helpline is so good why have you also subscribed to Nichola's website as well?"

Because they are two different products. The ICPA helpline is just  that - a helpline you call for technical answers. Nichola's service is completely different?

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