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Recommended Audit Programmes/Workbooks

Recommended Audit Programmes/Workbooks

For quite some years my firm has used Kestrian Audit System (CCH).

However I now have only one audit (uncomplicated family run  company turnover £3m).

The system seems overcomplicated and tends to encourage "overauditing" (in my opinion).

Can anyone recommend a system more suited?


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20th Feb 2012 11:48


Would using a firm of outsourced auditors, to assist with the planning & documentation & review process (enabling you to save on software costs etc) but keeping statutory status & sign-off be something you might consider? Alternatively cancelling your registration & appointing an outsourced audit firm to deal with the audit side of things (with your help) to enable you to maintain your non-audit work for the client (enabling you to save on software, registration, training etc) may be an option? Please contact me if something you may consider.

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