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Following on from a previous posting about revenue repayments I started chasing a 2008 repayment back in March only to be told by the call centre that the office dealing with my client were so far behind they had been instructed not to deal with files and repayments until they are are least 8 weeks old and certainly not before the end of May. This is I was told due to the lack of staff and the increased workload. Upon informing them that this was a distress case where bankruptcy was being threatened I was told there was nothing they could do to speed up the refund and contacting the office concerned about the matter would probably delay the repayment even further.
Anybody else experiencing this as, quite frankly, the client does not believe me and thinks I am holding on to it.
David Salter-McLean


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By 4nick8
16th Apr 2009 09:02

MP complaint case?
Sent a letter, using "signed for" delivery, threatening that the client will write to their local MP if nothing if received in say 14 days. At the top of the letter type in bold "Potential Complaint". CC the client a copy of the letter.

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By kdbr
16th Apr 2009 08:50

Refund delays
80 days and counting - totally unacceptable with no course for contact or complaint, other than a letter in the post to add to the backlog. Whatever happened to Process Now-Check Later?

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