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Replacement for PTP Corporation tax module

Replacement for PTP Corporation tax module

Although very happy with the personal tax returns, I have never really liked the PTP corporation tax module. Having served notice on this (and just seen that it is now a whopping £550 + VAT), I am looking for a more cost effective replacement. Requirements are as follows:

Able to do nothing more complicated than a return with S.455 liability calculation.

A simple capital allowances section that does not require each and every asset to be entered.

Easy on-line filing facility.

I use VT for accounts but comptability with CT product not exactly critical.

I am not going to change the other PTP products so the CT product must be standalone. Any positive recommendations?


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27th Feb 2013 09:01


We jumped ship last year for everything from PTP. We were thoroughly unhappy with the service after Iris had bought them out.

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27th Feb 2013 09:12

Tax Calc or BTC

I use Tax Calc & love its simplicity, it works very well for me & is cost effective.

BTC also comes highly recommended by AWeb members

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By SteveOH
27th Feb 2013 09:27

Another vote for BTC

Good price, standalone, reliable. Thoroughly recommend it.

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By Glennzy
27th Feb 2013 11:37

Digita for Me

I look long and hard at all the options for about 3 to 4 months.

I decided on complete Digita Kit.

When through the video tutorials for all areas in a weekend.

Tech support and cost effective for what you get for your money.

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27th Feb 2013 13:26

Thanks ...

will look in more detail at tax calc and BTC. I believe that absolute is an integrated solution and last time I looked Digita was at least as expensive as PTP.

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27th Feb 2013 13:34


You can buy just the CT from absolute.

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27th Feb 2013 16:03

Thanks Dave ...

will add to the list. The recent marketing I had seemed to only list packages but perhaps I misunderstood.

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By mabzden
27th Feb 2013 16:08

Gbooks worth a look

I've used gbooks for company accounts and CT600 returns. It works well and is economically priced. It's cloud-based (so you can work from home etc) and you can file online very easily.

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By Flash Gordon
27th Feb 2013 16:44


Another vote for BTC. Love it, really simple, not expensive, just bought another year of it.

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27th Feb 2013 18:53

Capital Allowances

There's no compulsion to list each and every asset. I merely create one asset purchase per accounting period representing the year's total and enter it as "additions for year" using the last day of the period. You need to be careful when the AIA limits change in year and divide your total into usually two figures because the program will have different limits for each period. Your working papers or nominal extract will have the full analysis and it seems pointless, particularly with pooled assets, to replicate the details. The summary, of which HMRC get a copy, will still be correct.

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28th Feb 2013 08:11

@ thomas34

This is how I get around the situtation in PTP currently. It becomes a PITA, however, if a client is foolish enough to sell previously pooled asset and the PTP helpdesk advice was to go back and de-pool in the previous years which is just rediculous.

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28th Feb 2013 09:17


Yes, you're right about disposals. I recall I had a problem in a year of cessation where you had to depool previously pooled assets in order to create a balancing allowance/charge. It depends upon how many corporate clients you've got, but to avoid the "cliff edge" pricing policy of PTP Iris it looks as if Absolute would take some beating on price alone where you'd pay £5 plus VAT per CT return (or any other return come to that).  

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