Fiona Woodman
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Replacing accounting software

Replacing accounting software

I am looking to replace TAS Books for a group of small companies. The software needs to produce P & L and Balance Sheets.

Any thoughts on the best replacements will be gratefully received as I have already spent hours on the internet and have lost the will to live!


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30th Jan 2013 13:40


Hi - I'm assuming you are an accountant handling a small group of clients rather than a company accountant looking for group accounting software?  If I'm right then have a look at FreeAgent & Xero. 

Unless there are specific functions, like order processing, that may not be handled by online bookkeeping, I can't imagine ever recommending desk bound accounting software again.

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30th Jan 2013 13:44

Have a look at VT.

Online packages are fine until the internet goes down like it did for 3 hours yesterday due to a fire in one of the main BT exchanges apparently!

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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:21

Have a look at Acceptit


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30th Jan 2013 15:57

What Paul Scholes said unless they need a little bit more...


Fiona, Paul's got it about right! If they need a bit more sophistication they could look a more capable mid range solution such as Aqilla which amongst other things features:Built in Business Intelligence (Smart KPIs)Built in Workflow (Smart Tasks) Built in Document management (you can attached scanned / other documents in all sorts of locations).Built in data audit monitoring.Built in budgeting, forecasting and consolidation capability.It's multi company, multi currency and multiple taxonomies. It's highly suited to multi locational, distributed organisations, supporting accruals, prepayments, bank transactions and currency transfers with adaptable revaluation, reporting options. Document centric data entry - data captured in a friendly, easy to use format. Documents can easily be cloned to for frequently used journals, events to save time and effort. Full purchase order cycle and sales invoicing if required. Users can drill down-through from any financial statement / balance sheet to core entry.It features a built in Financial Report Designer (you don't have to go buy something else) which allows you to report on demand, on any period. Furthermore it features:Project costingTime-sheetsExpense processing.Automatic bank reconciliationAutomatic transaction matching Links to banks for payments / statement a free and incredibly powerful Microsoft Excel Add-In providing bi-directional data integration. Worth a look if your client's requirements justify it.


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30th Jan 2013 17:58

@ Hugh - Overt advertising

Hugh - whilst not quite outside the spirit of Any Answers rules, such overt advertising can be counter productive.  If every Cloud or Desk based accounting company added that sort of comment none of us would bother posting or reading the threads, which sort of defeats the object.

Could I ask perhaps that you at least sign off posts as being involved with Aqilla?


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30th Jan 2013 18:48

@ Paul - Normally do!

Hi Paul. Sorry! Typed in haste (and I did implicitly endorse two other solutions! :-)

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31st Jan 2013 09:55




Thanks for all the comments.

It is actually for a group of companies that we are running. I am not in practice.

I do not need stock control or order processing just decent reporting, VAT and budgeting.


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04th Feb 2013 17:49

Business Insight

Hello Fiona,

I think everyone might be able to better recommend a software package if you gave us some insight into your small group of companies, their locations, your current IT infrastructure, how many will be using the software etc.

Any information you can provide would allow us to recommend a solution better suited to your requirements.



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