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retrospective-12 years ago-assessments-how comes?

Is it really possible and what rights does the tax payer have where an inspector to makes a "with hindsight" assessment based on recently amended tax rules(film partnerships losses) for a case/claim 12 years ago;  

this is ridiculously unfair when under new rules the department will only go back four years where you request am amended assessment under an overpayment relif claim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w rules

Have the cake and eat it and give the "customer"/taxpayer a cherry to suck!!!!! 


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unless they are caught up in the various cases currently going through Tribunal, in which case they should have received a connected enquiry notice when the enquiry was originally opened into the partnership return.

It may be worth contacting the partnership / scheme managers to see whether they are aware of similar attacks on other partners. They may be handiling all on behalf of the partners.

Or do you just have a rogue flying a kite?

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I agree with ACDWebb

ask the so and so for his statutory authority as well

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