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RTI & holidays

Not looked into RTI in great detail as yet but a thought occurs to us.

If a small accountancy practice runs payroll for some of its employer clients what happens if they go on holiday for 2 weeks in the summer and close the office? They are not physically present to run the payrolls under RTI at the "real time".

Run them early?

If so what happens if the accountant returns to find one of his clients' employees didn't come in that week, was off sick, has been sacked, has died.


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What do they do at present?

They payroll would still need to be run, even without RTI? Do they normally run them early in the circumstances and adjust afterwards? Presumably the staff get paid whereever the accountant is, so the RTI information should follow the information that generates the payment...

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Do what you would do now.

Bung Moneysoft Payroll Manager on your laptop and do the payroll from wherever you happen to be. You are doing it all by email now I hope.

My clients have received their payroll details from as far afield as Australia, but they would not know it unless I told them - which I always do of course!

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Yes, we are operating all payroll online and by email (have been for years) but we are NOT going to work whist we are on holiday, if that's what you are suggesting.

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"but we are NOT going to work whist we are on holiday"

What do you do now if you "go on holiday for 2 weeks in the summer and close the office"?

Just asking................

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prepare figures early

All figures are prepared a little in advance of us closing and relayed to the employers who pay employees on the appointed days unless something serious happens to disrupt it.

Then we fix it after we return.

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Ah - I see but.............

..... that won't work for employees who are hourly paid and you don't know what the hours will be until payday.

That's why I do mine when on holiday. How will you cope when RTI comes in?

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no hourly paid workers....

.....on any of the payrolls we look after. All are either weekly or monthly.

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Thanks for that. I'll download it, add it to our ever growing RTI file and look at it asap.

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The link is for developers, it's outlining how they should implement your kind of scenario in their products, rather than anything you should be doing yourself (though it may help you understand how the products work when they finally arrive)



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Same Problem, no obvious solution

Same problem,

Up until now standard payments are scheduled in advance, then payslips and correctional payments made on return (based on hours worked, travel time, over time and expenses).

RTI submissions are submitted automatically (Sage payroll) after the payslips are finalized, so our usual procedure won't work any more. HMRC don't provide any software for manual submissions, which would get messy anyway. The employees want payslips that match the hours and overtime on their timesheets.

The only thing I can think of is to create one set of payslips based on payments made to satisfy RTI and fudge a second set of payslips based on hours worked for the employees using backup and restore on return.

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