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SA for a person running Domestic Servant Payroll

SA for a person running Domestic Servant Payroll

The query is that a Domestic servant is employed by a person in the UK on which Income Tax / NICs are being paid. The domestic worker is directly employed by a  woman and she has no income in the UK, and gets the money for her living and Servant salary from her husband.

Is that woman liable to register with HMRC in SA?

She is running a payroll for the domestic worker.

Any HMRC guidence?


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27th Nov 2012 20:17


she should where the money comes from to pay her is irrelevant

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By mhtax
27th Nov 2012 22:31


not sure I follow - the woman should be registered as an employer but that doesn;t mean she needs to be in Self Assessment

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27th Nov 2012 23:01

quite right I misread it
I thought it said is not being paid doh. Agreed no need to register

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