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Sage 50 2011

Sage 50 2011

Customer Statement not showing uncleared b/f bal at start

Why isn't b/ fwd bal showing uncleared bal 1/4/2012 - the b/fwd bal at is showing the cleared bal at 30/4/2012

Is there a change in options setup I need to make?


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By occca
05th May 2012 13:15

I don't really understand

If the balance is cleared by 30 April 2012 why would it show up on a statement now?

I think I am misunderstanding your question

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By jeh
05th May 2012 13:28

Unclreared bal bfwd actual £4000 - but Sage statement displaying b/ fwd bal £1000
Paid in month £4000
Invoices issued in month £1000
Closing bal showing on statement £1000 - correct

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By occca
05th May 2012 14:02

Difficult to tell

Without actually seeing the option you have pressed and the screen

I would suggest that you call Sage


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